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  1. BUT did you have all the helpful little specialty tools that i use to do these? that was my other part of why it would be a PITD lol
  2. no it wouldnt hurt anyone. i just dont think youll notice a change other than the obvious ride quality changes, tiny little noise here and there (hard to hear inside unless your listening tho). and dont expect me to keep track of how iceland daylight changes are scheduled. closest ive ever been is on alaska state troopers lmao oh btw- these do not work on trucks lowered with leaf springs on stock hangers. they are too long and will load the bars up and raise the truck, and cancel out the functions too. they will work if modified to be shorter tho
  3. pretty sure that controller is only for the 4L60/5e and 4L80e, last time i looked at least.
  4. why do you think i would say that absolutely ridiculous offer unless i KNEW he had bought one already?? nobodys getting that TVS i just finished, your going to have to pry it from my cold, dead hands. and if anyone could even make my hands cold and dead, shit you can have it good luck with that!
  5. really your asking for trouble on that truck with a 15 lb pulley... dont care what the tuning shop says!! who is tuning it by the way?
  6. lmao you guys mustve misread that!! i am the FORMER president of the RB association!! im like the Bill Clinton of it
  7. i cant really tell cause the pics are too close but it does kind of look like some kind of JGP replica, maybe?
  8. yeah me too, so i guess we both suffer from the same issue huh
  9. oh yeah i hear you.. i have helper bags on the SS, same thing. except it almost never gets cold here, and when it does its not really that cold lol
  10. Yeah I would be pretty surprised if someone took an ISS tailgate, not only not putting the corner pieces on... BUT removing the hard-to-find spoiler to throw a Z71 style "step" tailgate cap on it. I actually thought along the ISS lines too at first, as it had an HD grille with the mesh silver. But when I got close to it, it was painted silver (poor masking). Most likely was just a late 05-07 truck which would have that grille to start with, and they sprayed it
  11. So "clones" (note in this instance I'm using this term extremely sarcastically real clone guys lol) are finally starting to get the SS logo right side up! I guess all your flaming has paid off!! but we seem to have a new issue... Placement! Well get to it! Oh yeah- was an 05-07 RCSB V6 WT pkg, Street Scene SS rep bumper barely attached, NNBS Tahoe 20"s. And clearly some sort of "SS" package
  12. good looking truck is it sitting a tad lower in the back or is that the picture?
  13. you all can suck it!!! i have Dropstars, JUST like Chris!!! NOT the same model Dropstar.... why? CAUSE WE THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX SON!!! (no one comment on the fact that i have 22" reps on my JGP truck!! )
  14. yeah trust me, all the cars ive had for sale/sold... i know the feeling
  15. its really not complicated at all if you read something to show you roughly what you need to do, or have done it before. but if you just got the two parts handed to you without any knowledge of the sorts, yes i could imagine its a "pain in the dick" lol
  16. well, as for the adapter... still nothing concrete. BUT after i get my truck finished up and running here soon, the next thing is the 6L85e. i am RWD, but if i give the details of whats required to control the trans and install, etc- then im sure bolting up the t-case using an adapter, should be fairly self spoken im almost positive they are too different. we had tried that when they first came out many ayears ago lol
  17. if your trucks an 04' VHO, i doubt it had a 105... it prob had a 145 in it. there is a 165 amp in the escalade, loaded tahoes, etc... but the charge module connector is different. but, no matter which one you have- if the belt goes on, and turns the alternator (tight or not), the charge/battery cable is connected to charge post in rear, and the 3 pin connector is in the top/side but no charge- somethings wrong with that alternator.
  18. hey i decided to sell mine now that the whole things all ported and custom painted and all. its just too pretty to go on. so its yours if you want it. ill do $2000 cause your such a nice guy. you didnt get one yet right?
  19. i HAVE caltracs jack btw why are you awake? nevermind that the sun is prob still up over there, no excuses!
  20. im not going to disagree, building it would be ideal. but cost vs. down time, most customers ive had dont have the time or money to drop it at first. plus a healthy 65e with a shift kit/servo and proper tune can handle that boost fine with a good tune and no "teenage" driving (well, not consistently ) yes, almost entirely the same. very few internal things that are different. just make sure its for 4L60E, hence the E. like an SSS with just a D1 kit...? boost level? you gotta be a tad more specific
  21. i think most of the first page posts dont take into account its 1. 2WD 2. a DD setup. i wouldnt want anything higher than 3000, 3200 at MOST in a 2wd SSS truck that im driving everyday... and in that case, i wouldnt prefer a cam that doesnt run well without a higher than that stall... thats just not a great DD setup to me. im sure there are people, like art and others that dont mind the stall like that. most customers looking for DD setups in things like this, ive found dont realize what they are really getting into until they drive it, and its too late. but of course there are the few exceptions,sure. would just want to make sure your one of them before you commit to something that expensive (TC) and/or something that time consuming to change out (cam)
  22. not complicated at all... i like the truck. its different, and my bet is that is prob one reason he did a lifted build. this isnt exactly a limited production car, and it certainly isnt strictly a "curve hugging" sports car. its a pickup truck, with torsion bars... maybe he "didnt do forums" because he just got senselessly bashed anywhere he went... i wouldnt blame him if he didnt find that fun. the WHOLE point of customization is to customize the vehicle to YOU- its owner/driver. there might be a few times where "bashing" could be arguably justified, but when its commenting on someones modifications to their car/truck- not really... i think posting strictly negative, totally non-constructive comments is nearly childish. this may be a surprise, but im willing to bet he spent ALL that money on that SS because its what HE liked and what HE wanted. i dont think he had your ideas in mind when he built it i know, it seems rude oh, btw- i call BS on that 1/4 mi time too. doesnt seem close (unless its got one of those "freak motors" from the factory )
  23. about time somebody made these!!!
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