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  1. isnt the auto crew cab SRT alot more than 45k? plus u dont need 15k..... just get some tires and a blower
  2. what size tire are you running? i got the same wheel and i hate my tire.... its too high profile
  3. Wrong back spacing <{POST_SNAPBACK}> eagle alloys only have one config. for that offset and bolt pattern.....
  4. ya i left mine on the frame, cut to like an inch.... works great and it even tows! but my damn 305's stick out so i cant tuck anymore lol. had to put it back
  5. well today i mounted my 305/45/22's with the american eagle 026. the truck shakes FRANTICALLY when braking from any speed. and yes, they were balanced then road forced balanced perfectly. and the tires and wheels are brand new..... never had any brake issues previous to this other than deep grouts in the rotors (thanks GM). could this shaking just be the ABS thrown off by the larger and much heavier wheel? BTW the lugs were and are not over-torqued!
  6. no man no mail orders yet hopefully soon
  7. damn that sucks, im selling them for 3-5k over sticker
  8. ya that truck is awesome...... i wonder if it moves
  9. please contact me, im pretty interested in your truck. looking to get it in the next week.....
  10. the 4.10 ratio is standard on my truck with the "performance package" (i hate explaining this over and over ) the "performance edition" is a different package that comes with 3.73's and is identical mechanicaly to an SSS. mine is not the same as an SSS... did you read all the post to this thread completely this has already been discussed.. and i can scan my window sticker if needed or check the chevy website and build an lt1 x-cab with the performance package and see for your self.. the "performance package" crew's come with the 3.73's but all like mine are 4.10's don't mean to get pissy but just trying to keep the facts correct now on your buddys truck you said you tuned it, how much do you charge to dyno tune a silverado?.. and are you in so-cal?.. thanks. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> sorry about that, im a dealer and im used to vortec max and performance edition. the votrec max (performance pck) is what you said, 4.10. anyways im in ft. lauderdale, FL. just a few minutes from so cal lol.
  11. my buddy has a harley davidson crew cab. it has a 4 lb upper pulley, CAI, custom exhaust, custom tune by me . it pulls away from me soooooo hard its not even funny, and im a little more than stock (not much lol). it made 380 whp and 455 wtq on my dyno, over 4 runs no break...... huge, very fast cheap peice of metal. PS: all 2WD silverados with that drivetrain come with 3.73's, with an optional 4.10
  12. hahaha thats great. i raced a "rumble bee" last nite, had a magnaflow on it. from a dead stop, got it by about 2 lengths..... gotta love no torque management!!
  13. how are you guys dropping your truck 3-4 inches?? i got 1" drop keys and dropped the truck approx. 1 1/2" and its on the bumps! (they are cut to the last knob). if i got belltech bumps and lowered it to 2", id be on the frame.... also, my camber was insane at 1 3/4"......
  14. you could just do hangers or shackles and make some shock extensions so the shock stays in the same load all the time. just order a set of shock extensions from Ground Force for an autoride tahoe, should be the same thing
  15. had one of those in a 32 roadster on the dyno, SO LOUD. it was shaking the new car sales building so much pictures were falling off the wall lol. wow was that thing fast
  16. id love to make you an offer on that truck..... please send me a PM if it is still availalbe
  17. i know im prob a little late, but do you still have the truck? if so please PM me ASAP.....
  18. way to go chevy!!! youve managed to spite ford and make something even more hideous than the sport trac!!!!!!
  19. i no this is random but one of my buddies had that exact same car..... except it was blown with SVT mustang rims, 150 shot, and about 10k of any other engine mod you could think of. he street raced it every night until he crashed it into a pole (air ride=SOFT). i personally think he watched WAY too many fast n furious movies LOL. it was one of the funniest cars ive ever seen lol
  20. lol arround 12k built, thats my cost LOL. we put one in a TB SS, WOW. it was INSANE. my dream machine......
  21. what do you want for the grille? i hate the 06 grille and ive been wanting to get rid of it......
  22. i am looking for a supercharger for my 06 SS, i dont need the programming but would like to be able to get the fuel pump and injectors, etc. if not, i will just take the blower/aftercooler. i cant afford a new one lol, so im trying for this! if anyone wants to do a trade for ANY GM part or GM Performance Part i will sell ANY part to you for COST, or we could arrange a trade. this includes GMPP blocks, built motors, trannys, etc. also any part. let me know, thanks
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