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  1. check this out: https://www.ridetech.com/info/2018/03/your-wish-is-granted-new-99-06-gm-pickup-wishbone-rear-suspension/ Just came out last month, I would do this if i had the funds.. -Rob
  2. Anyone have a spare poster they want to sell me? Thanks, Rob
  3. I love these trucks so much that i'm on my 3rd SS.
  4. Hotchkis part # is 2230, lowered 4" is 2229.
  5. Guys, Just received some ISS pieces from Mitchss454. Solid guy to deal with and super fast shipping all the way from Canada to Socal. Thanks! -Rob
  6. 121DOC

    1970 SS

  7. Sorry to hear this Nick I know the feeling. I'm getting pissed off for you just reading this post. -Rob
  8. UPDATE: Happy 4th friends!!! so truck was never found since it came up missing in March. So I since moved on and went the classic route, 1970 Shadow Gray Chevelle SS 396. I vowed to never buy another SS, but sure as shit I was messing around last night looking around for a Intimidator and one was for sale locally with 46K miles on it. Definitely had to investigate this morning if it was the real deal and not a fake. Thinking it was too good to be true the whole time it wasn't, DEI with 46K miles for $23K. I just bought it, SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I verified VIN, glove box and door jam. Was one owner that bought it from same dealership and traded it in. The dealers are searching for the cert, fingers crossed... -Rob
  9. UPDATE: 4 days after my SS got stolen a Doctor's truck got stolen at same location. Patrols increased significantly and they caught the group! now I'm just waiting for the call of the location of my truck or what's left of it. Not holding my breath though.... Keep vigilant of your trucks friends, especially if you live in Southern California. Those son of a bitches are stealing trucks like crazy down here. If I get mine back in one piece you better believe it will secured like Fort Knox. Rob
  10. Ya, definitely butt hurt. Like Alan said, you work hard to build up your truck. I deployed 2 times Afghan/Iraq, saved $$ for mods and within a blink of a eye it's gone. Now the nightmare of dealing with the insurance claim which a read a few posts down. I was the guy who responded to the Edelbrock ad a few yrs back when they were prototyping a SC and went home with it after they romped on my truck for a few months. And I'm pretty sure I won't get jack shit for it or anything I put into it for that matter.
  11. Forgot to mention it has 22" gray reps on now and looks like Kaze_v8s. Thank you Wickedowesix for posting on your sites. Best, Rob
  12. Hey Friends, It's definitely rough having a SS in Socal. Got my 2007 SS stolen in Temecula last night in front of the Temecula Valley Hospital Emergency Room. I'm sure it's being torn apart to become a clone or in Mexico by now but in the chance that anyone spots it please call the cops. What sets this truck apart is that it has: -only 50k original freakin miles -Edelbrock TVS 2300 SC -1 of a few "Art radiator covers -black California plates "SC07SS" -hotchkis sway bars with TA diff cover -Navy SEAL sticker & Chief anchor sticker front windshield I never let this truck out of my site and the only time I let my wife drive it, it gets stolen.... lessons learned Thanks guys! Rob
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