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  1. Nothing wrong with Pacesetter headers. I have had them on my SSS since 2006
  2. Never had any issues with them at all, the times i have delt with them. They even give me a 10% discount on my orders.
  3. You said you had a ProCharger correct? if so you need a one way check valve so when you going to boost you do not pressurize the crankcase . Make sure you have a check valve on the vacuum side of your PCV hose
  4. Replied to your DM Replied to your DM
  5. Stock with the trunion bearing upgrade
  6. Thanks guys. I am really diggn the new look. Its clean and unique.
  7. Well I finally got rid of my rubber vacuum hoses and made custom 3/8" hard lines and polished them. From the PCV fresh air side to and from the oil catch can and the EVAP line too. What do you guys think?
  8. Nice runs. Sounds like it went 12.7?
  9. That guys full of shit man. I am on e85 as well and zippy is my tuner. Wouldn't have it any other way.
  10. And I agree about running a well buit 65e in these trucks. I NA and cutting 1.60' and have done a ton of track passes and trans stays cool even with my 3800 converter.
  11. Congrats on your new set up. Seems like its going to be a beast. Sucks you couldn't get you current set up to run correctly.
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