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    The truck - weights - spending money - RACQUETBALL is the most awsomest!
  1. Jond983


    i sold my 04 VHO back in december of 2010 & i'm looking to get back into another one i may be interested pm me your number
  2. Jond983

    Poor Poor Vette

    must be that new billy boat exhaust
  3. Jond983

    Gmc Fresh Paint, Bye Chrome

    very sharp
  4. Jond983

    Post Pics Of V-max & Vho

    thanx man...i sold the 22's .....rocking the old vho 20's now. and great looking V-Max's & VHO's on the site guys
  5. Jond983

    2004 Gmc Slt Vho

    g/l with the sale Jon...very rare indeed
  6. Jond983

    Cavs Vs Lakers

    the cavs just might rep the east in the finals this yr
  7. Jond983

    2006 V-max

    bump for a vho/v-max brethren
  8. Jond983

    Where Are U From?

    born in houston..raised in beaumont about an hr east...
  9. Jond983

    It's Been Awhile!

    welcome back..been a while for me too..
  10. Jond983

    Led Light Bar

    yeah led tails & line of fire is just overkill
  11. Jond983

    How Not To Do A Burnout In A Vette. Fail

    yeah i thought one tire was spinning at first. but then the camera showed smoke pouring out from the undercarraige LAWL. dude the guy gets out and says that was the first run. funnny.
  12. Jond983

    Greatest Running Back Ever

    i was too young to really remember barry much. i remember emmitt cause all we did was watch the cowboys growing up..so i say emmitt
  13. Jond983

    Go Dallas

    i think the boys will win out..Romo is gettn everyone on the same page. defense has been good all yr. they'll run through the redskins and have that showdown w/philly that will be epic.