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  1. TTT. swaybar is still for sale... i will go $125 to eastern half, and $120 to western half of u.s. and $100 cash if picked up localy.
  2. pm sent, and for the most part i'll say it on here. this is for sale on a first come first served basis.. i'm not going to hold it for anyone unless it has been paid for. it is for sale on another site as well, so whoever makes a deal and follows through first gets it. if you or anyone else wants it i will go based on who contacts me first and is ready to buy it. and i will except paypal as long as you use any payment method other then e-check cause that takes a few days to clear.. so as long as it is a credit/debit card or instant transfer then i'm ok with it.
  3. ok but i wont hold it for 5-6 days unless it's paid for.. so it's still for sale to anyone else until i say it's sold on here.. thanks.
  4. it's brand new so i'm not going to sell it for half what i paid. i'll sell it for $100 if you come get it, otherwise the price stands as is. thanks.
  5. just like the title says.. i still have the front sway bar. i will sell it for $125 shipped to the western half of the u.s. or $130 to the eastern half. just picture the u.s. and draw a line down the middle.. to figure it out. the bar is a 1-1/4" solid bar, and is designed for 4x4's, awd, or 2wd with the heavier torsion bar front suspension like the SS/Vmax/VHO's... any questions let me know.
  6. pm sent. pm sent. and for everyone else, until i say it is sold consider everything still available. thanks.
  7. TTT headers are sold.. sway bars, badges, and hood still available.
  8. pm'ed you. waiting for reply. there still here. just let me know as soon as you find out
  9. pacesetter full length ceramic coated headers, # 72c-2265 $300 shipped to the lower 48 states. used but in good shape, they do have a few minor scratchs from install/removal and there is one spot that looks like it rubbed off the coating... you can see it in the pics. it's a small spot that when installed will not be noticeable. SOLD......... addco sway bars front #741 and rear #631 these are the correct part numbers for the SS/VHO/Vmax there brand new in the box only removed for pics, $250 shipped to the lower 48 states. please call addco to confirm these are the right part numbers fo
  10. hey guys, i've been keeping an eye on this for a little while.. but i know i'm not going to have my truck by then i'll have the last of my stuff off tomorrow and then i'll be giving it back in a few days, so even if i had it for the 6th i would'nt bring it down in the condition it's in now on a brighter note i'm trying to find another truck using my dads credit, since theres no way me and my wife can share one car.. only catch is i'm limited on how much i can spend and i don't want to end up with a strippy... + i was looking at regular cabs since it will fit in the smaller garage i ha
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