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  1. As the title says, I sold the SS. It was time to let her go, working 3 jobs and having to commute was hard on her. She needs to be with someone who will take better care of her, treat her the way she deserves to be treated. If you love something set it free, if it comes back to you then you know it was meant to be. I now own a 2004 impala with a 3800, it an old squad car.....and damn it feels good to not have a bank note!! she will be missed, but I had my fun with her, now someone else can have sloppy seconds.. I hope to stay in touch as some of you have been kind to me in the past, see ya around Nick
  2. TTT new low price, please read, and text if interested!! btw did i send you pics stg 313? been busy
  3. TTT, I will entertain any offers, trades, anything.....absolutely anything, I will also travel to meet for showing reasonable to the Midwest...... as always thanks for looking Nick
  4. nixsupersport


    what kind of idle would this give, I know someone who is looking for a rougher idle cam for a 6.0 thanks in advance Nick
  5. UPDATED PRICE, THIS NEEDS TO GO!! Let's try this again, up for sale is a 2003 Silverado Super Sport. All the mods are in my sig I have many pics on my Blackberry and can send them upon request... Times are tough and I need to unload the truck first text or call for any questions or details 507-469-2440 thanks in advance!! miles 135,xxx always run synthetic in everything 11,500 OBO
  6. Thanks guys for the input, and yes chad I got the pics, im debating on if I want them or not....
  7. are the DDMTuning 55 watt plug and play? and will they melt anything
  8. my vote goes to 26DUBSS, because i'm an **** he has gotten me booted from this site a handfull of time... come out, come out where ever you are
  9. P, are they not fast enough without the tune?
  10. size? i would be interested in all three if they are 2x or bigger
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