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  1. I've suffered from that same bout of stupidity twice now, I sold my paid off SS a little over a year ago and have regretted it several times since. I've seen 3 in the past week, it's like they are taunting me. That's a nice looking truck and a good price.
  2. Just like the new trucks, I like the GMC front end better. My wife is in love with the New Denali.
  3. That's a very nice truck, if my wife wouldn't absolutly kill me, i'd be all over it. GLWTS
  4. They have the drive train, now just make a cool looking SS body and suspension to go with it...
  5. I spoke to Cameron (the op) this morning, he had it checked out yesterday and it was just a clogged cat. He had it replaced and he says it idles smooth as glass now and has plenty of power. I split the bill with him since it was only $245, You guys take care of him on the boards.
  6. Guys, this was my truck that I sold this past weekend. This truck has had Mobile 1 full synthetic since i've owed it, and the high capicity mobile 1 filter. Plugs and wires have about 8-10k miles on them, all OEM AC Delco parts. I've not had any trouble with it at all other that the A\C working intermittenly that last couple of months since it had been in storage instead of being driven every day. My dad is a mechanic and has made sure i've kept this truck is good condition as it's stayed in his warehouse full of toys. I drove the truck about 150 miles to meet the new owner down I-75 running 75-80 mph and didn't have any issues with it at all. I also drive it about 175-200 miles round trip a couple weeks ago with no issues. The truck has alittle over 215k miles on it and I had owned it since 202k miles with zero issues other than the A\C. The new owner is supposed to be taking it to a shop today to get it diagnosed and I told him to let me know what's going on with it and i'd see what I could do to help him out.
  7. Awesome looking cover, I always wanted one like that for my truck, I like the low profile design.
  8. Today is my last day with the SS, she goes to Macon, GA this evening and to her new owner tomorrow morning.

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    2. Sneakystiffler21


      Yeah this is my second SS, i'm sure I'll wind up with another one in a couple of years, it'd be great is GM would make a new one worthy of the SS badge.

    3. Downeast Johnny

      Downeast Johnny

      I'll drink a toast to her moving on.


      Enjoy your next project.

    4. Muggs


      Sad day, hope it's going to a good new home.

  9. Bump to the top, price drop to $9000 obo, I need this gone ASAP, make me a resonable offer...
  10. I hope the smokin hot blond that better have come with it at that price puts out.... Nice box though, my new 1500sq ft garage is only costing my $19k....
  11. Yeah, I've been planning on Efans for a couple of years, every time I get the money for them, life happens.
  12. Those are awesome looking, I had been considering those for the DRLs, parking, backup, and some for the tag lights.
  13. Factory clutch fan setup, after some more research, I'm wondering if the clutch on the fan is messed up? Until recently, i've not have any issues with it, even on very hot 90 degree plus days.
  14. My A\C is not blowing cold all the time, some times it will freeze you to death, other times, its luke warm. I had the freon checked and its has the correct pressure. The A\C seems to depend on the RPMs being at least 1500, as long as I'm moving, it's ok most of the time, at a stop, it's luke warm. I replaced the belt on the A\C compressor when I did the serpantine belt the first of the year and everything at the compressor looked ok visually. Any ideas?
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