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  1. Forgot about the wheels and tires and the hp stickers.
  2. Nice times on a stock fuel pump. What's next to get you in the 11's with stock cubes?
  3. Nothing like working next week for free. Hell i am in a nice desk job but what about the other guys that are all over the world in harms way? Lets see if they ship recruits to boot camp next week.
  4. there are a bunch of guys around great lakes dragway
  5. Density Altitude: -1097 feet for GLD

  6. congrats. SS Muscletruck told me over the weekend.
  7. welcome to the site. Where did you buy it? is it stock?
  8. Thanks for the tip. I cant wait to be able to get back there. I have the money for some a set of front skinnies or rear tires since i have all 4 racing wheels now.
  9. congrats on the new times. Thanks for the invite. I was pissed when Joe left the message and I was stuck at work. It was there till 9 last night. We need some cool nights real soon.
  10. MLS Head Gaskets Hardened Pushrods GMPP LS7 Lifters GMPP LS2 Lifter guide kit GMPP LS2 Valley Cover GMPP Valve Cover Breather Block-Off GMPP LS7 Camshaft Sprocket GMPP Timing Chain Dampner GMPP PCV Hose for Non-DOD applications GMPP LS2 Lifter guide kit GMPP MLS Header Gaskets list of parts needed for the swap. I figured i would start small and get everything needed and when my lifters let go I will swap the cam.
  11. I need the guides to change the cam to get rid of Displacement on demand. your cam specs are close to others used but your intake is larger and exhaust is smaller than what is currently being used.
  12. Guides, buckets theirs 4 of them per engine. $8 each is not bad
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