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  1. streetheat7681

    Brake line Diameter

    Looking for the diameter of brake line from master cylinder to abs module. Had a line rust out and looking to make my own to replace it. Thanks...
  2. streetheat7681

    Truck Cap/Topper

    Looking to go from a Tonneau to a Cap due to bigger items being stored in my bed, I know you don't see alot of SS's with Caps..... Is anyone running a Cap ? Brand, style & anyone with pics would be great. Thanks
  3. streetheat7681

    Silverado Ss Hat'S Great Quality. Pic'S Inside.

    PM sent ............
  4. streetheat7681

    Belltech 6400 Shackles

    Sold, thanks..........
  5. streetheat7681

    Belltech 6400 Shackles

    Belltech 6400 Shackles used for about 10k miles. No issues went back to stock. ' $40- shipped via PayPal. Thanks, [email protected]
  6. streetheat7681

    Centric Ceramics 03 Part # ?

    Looking for the correct part numbers for Centric Posi Quiet Ceramics Front and Rear pads 2003 AWD. They have a couple numbers just wanna make sure before ordering. Thanks !
  7. streetheat7681

    Pa, Ny, Nj, Ct, De, Md Meet 5/2

    I may be in .........
  8. streetheat7681

    Anyone Have Part # 4 Armrest ?

    Thanks Much !
  9. streetheat7681

    Wtb Ss

    Whats your location ?
  10. streetheat7681

    Anyone Have Part # 4 Armrest ?

    Need part number for 2003 SS inside drivers side armrest in gray or graphite. Thanks
  11. streetheat7681

    03 Door Armrest Part # ?

    Need part number for 2003 SS inside drivers side armrest in gray or graphite.
  12. streetheat7681

    Wtb: Black Plate Light Assemblies

    WTB: Black rear bumper Plate Light assemblies Need both sides. Mine were destroyed and need to replace them for inspection. Prefer black but open to others.
  13. streetheat7681

    2003 Black Ss / Nj

    Up Thanks
  14. streetheat7681

    22 Inch Guys, Tire Sizes Sick Of My Stiff Ride ?

    Def a stiffer ride going from my stock 20's months ago to my 22's. Either gonna go with a 305/45 or a 285/45 tire and some Bilsteins. Thanks
  15. Guys what other options are out there besides 305 40's ? I currently have been running 22x10 on 305 40's Yoki Geolanders for awhile but the ride sucks on a stock suspeneded truck. I see a 285 45 but not sure how it will ride or look with a smaller tire but slightly higher sidewall Thanks............