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  1. has got the SS mod bug again...

  2. are you sure he was racing?? Don't mean to throw down your story, but with the mods you have listed it just seams a little out there...
  3. I'll take that 8 rib pulley setup off your hands...and the ice box...
  4. Looks like you've been busy man... looks good
  5. looks good man stoked to see the finished product...
  6. I should be game for this one... you can out me down as a maybe...
  7. So did you guys finalize this for the 24th of may??
  8. looks very nice... let us know where you picked that upat??
  9. yes these are plug and play ... still have them...
  10. 42lb injectors that I got used from another member on this site when I bought my supercharger from him, so I'm not sure how many miles are on them I drove them for about 1000 miles and they worked great I had no problems with them but they weren't enough injector for me. I replaced the o rings on them when I first got them, 225 or taking offers picture
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