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  1. I still have this stock exhaust. I am now willing to try shipping to move it out of my basement. I imagine shipping won't be cheap though.
  2. I have an old stock exhaust system off of my former Silverado SS. It had 15k miles on it when I removed it in 2006. It has sat in a barn ever since. I'll snap some pics when I get home. It is in tact except the two pipes leading from the cats into the muffler were cut with a sawzall to get it off, they should be able to be welded back together with no issues. This thing can't be shipped. I think $150 firm would be a good deal? PM me for details, located outside the Detroit Metro area. I have a couple of other things left over too like a stock air box I believe, sorting through the parts bins this week.
  3. +1 for Onkyo. I just bought the S5400 and the only major difference between mine and Chase's is the front tower speakers, everything else about the same. I paid $350 for mine because I know someone who works at an electronics store. Same receiver, 3D capability, 7.1 channel, same self powered sub woofer, etc. Everything Chase said about the Onkyo is spot on. I looked at the cheap blu ray systems from Samsumg, Sony = pure junk. I also looked at a pioneer receiver with eithr JBL or Klipsch speakers and the Onkyo was by far the better value, easier to use and hook up, and sounded just as good, if not better...for less money. With an LED/LCD TV, you only want to have to run one HDMI to it to keep clutter behind it down. Instead of having the TV being the "central command", the receiver is. Run everything to that. Here is a deal on a S6300 refurb unit direct from Onkyo. List price on my S5400 is around $599 I think, but I have seen them for $499. And just because it comes with 8 speakers, doesn't mean you have to hook them all up since a lot of content is still 5.1 anyways. Plus, the S5400 I bought came with a tuner mic to place where you are seated and it will automatically tune the speakers to the placement of the mic.
  4. I was staying up near Fairfield/Parsippany off US46. That area seemed to be quite a bit better. Elizabeth, NJ was a ghetto and there were a couple of areas I wandered into that were even worse. I had to stay out on Long Island last night and flew home today. Kevin, that wasn't a cheap plug, it was an expensive one! I would buy your truck in a hear beat if I had the extra cash. I will probably be waiting until spring to do anything anyways. It was just one of those things...seeing a Silverado SS is rare in itself these days, especially in Michigan, but to see two parked next to each other...
  5. I have been in NJ on business and had some meetings on Market Street in Kenilworth and over in Elizabeth as well. I was a little early for the appointment in Kenilworth so I drove around the block for a few and ended up on Fairfield Ave...and there were not one, but two Silverado SSs sitting there, parked in front of a business. One black and one blue. The black one had a triple gauge pillar pod from what I saw as I quickly drove by. Figured it had to be someone on here. Anyways, made me miss mine...a lot. The wife and I have even been talking about selling the G8 GT and picking another one up sometime.
  6. SOLD to MillerSSS. Thank you for all of the input and help to Miller. I agree, as I told him in PM, there is no stupid question, especially when it comes to an intricate transmission.
  7. I'm alright. Thanks for asking. A couple knee surgeries later and the knee is still trashed, a little better, back on the mountain bike at least,but it will never be right again. With working, wife going to law school, and rehab from surgeries, the past year has been a blur.
  8. You may need a longer servo pin, which usually run around $20-40. Some have had success without needing the longer pin and to be honest, I am not a trans expert, so perhaps someone else will chime in and offer better advice. EDIT: Also, looking at your mod level, you may need to have your tune adjusted to account for the servos in the trans, especially if your tuner increased line pressures to create firmer shifts. And to answer the question about the corvette servo, it is a GM OE part for corvette auto transmissions. It is only for the 2nd, they don't make a 4th servo and while although it is high quality bang for the buck, it is not always the best option.
  9. Yes, these will fit the 4L60E, 4L65E, and 4L70E transmissions plus the 700R4. the 4LXXE trans are all the same except for some design revisions along the way like 5 pinion versus 3 pinion planetary, supposed harder input shafts, and I believe a slightly different tail housing on some, etc. None of which affects the Servos. The 700R4 is the same design as well, but not electronically controlled like the 4L60E family.
  10. Brand new in packaging, never installed. Sold truck long ago and just doing some house keeping. Jegs and Summit seem to sell these for ~$80-85/each give or take. I'll take $150 including USPS ground shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states.
  11. BUMP!! Would like this stuff gone! Still have everything but the engine covers! Let's hear some offers.
  12. As some of you know, I left Michigan for a few weeks. I actually heard from someone elsewhere that it was because I went to jail...lol. That was funny. I was hired by the Department of Homeland Security as a Federal Agent with the US Border Patrol. It required me to attend an 11 week academy in Artesia, NM followed by an 8 week Spanish Language course. The academy is pretty intense. It includes 2+ hours of PT, defensive tactics, arrest techniques, mixed in with running, marching, and classroom studies. Some military guys said it was just as hard or harder than their boot camp was. I was a little over two weeks into training when we were on a perimeter fence run of about 3 miles. I had a miss step on some soft sand and ended up partially tearing my patellar tendon. My knee buckeled and I felt a "pop" and instant pain. It is the tendon that connects from the patella knee cap to the top of the tibia (shin bone). It is NOT the ACL, which is much easier to repair. It has a 1cmx1cm moderate tear. I can walk, but can not run. I spoke with the doctors down there and I absolutely could not continue training under any circumstances. Further more, they said I may not even heal fully. They offered to put me out on disability. Being the type of person I am, I could not sit around and collect a check knowing I had a decent job back in Michigan. I contacted my company and they were very happy to have me back, being that I didn't just leave for a competitor or was unhappy, etc. With the job offer in place, I reluctantly resigned my position from the Border Patrol. The BP would have let me return to the academy about a year from now and start over from day one, which wouldn't have been bad. But the catch was, if I was not able to pass medical at that time, they would simply dismiss me altogether ( and I would get 40% of pay from that point, which isn't a lot). So I made the decision to take the guaranteed job than risk my future. There is little doubt that in a year, my former employer would most likely not be able to take me back as they would have most definitely filled my position. I am awaiting the office of workers compensation to settle my case to pay for medical treatment on the knee as I can't afford more than an office visit right now. Surgery is up in the air too. I have read that I should be in a cast or brace, but it's not doing to bad as long as I avoid things like stairs or sudden movements, etc. I spent two years trying to get in and I did. I suffered through months of the background check, oral board reviews, polygraph, medical screenings, etc. It was a very long tedious process. It was devastating news when I found out the tendon was torn, confirmed by an MRI. I hope that someday, I do make a full recovery, and can re-apply (I have until I am 40 and I am 31 now). If I do, great, if not, I will have to find something else. I have options. I took the LSAT's a while back and was accepted to a couple of decent law schools, I could go for my Masters of Accounting or Finance, or some other program. I'm not sure. Right now, I'm newly married and I am going to enjoy life the best I can, get my wife through law school, and think about what my next move will be. Meanwhile, I have a great company with great perks to work with for the next few years. Heck, I get 19 paid vacation days plus 10 holiday pays, annual bonus, pension plan, 403b, Blue Cross Blue Shield (paid, no employee contributions), Dental, Vision, and they send me to places like Atlantic City and Vegas, among other places. It could be a whole lot worse.
  13. Man was it packed last night. I think it's time they start admitting it is a week long event! Took over an hour to get from Pontiac to 12 mile and over an hour to get back home. Birmingham is where it seems to get choked down, 14-15mile areas. Some lady got hit and killed by a Smart Bus in Birmingham last night too, that didn't help things. It was good to see my old truck. I really miss it. It is in really good hands though, so I am happy about that. Maybe one day after the wife and I get her through law school, we will buy another one and build it.
  14. I apparently talked him into OBX 2BFAST. I mentioned to him the OBX being on ebay and he was asking if those were the ones we were referring to as OBX. He wanted a bolt in solution so pace setters were out because they are not a direct bolt in.
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