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  1. This is looking promising. Hope the guy will let it go, and also that it is not a disappointment.
  2. It is easier with the motor on the stand. Someday... She still has 117k on it.
  3. Posts like these make me a little happier knowing I have not driven mine for 4.5 years.
  4. ZIPPY still lives in that area I believe, although its been a minute since we have talked
  5. That's cool, my SHO has a similar product on it and I love it. Nice truck, Dan.
  6. Must be a Chrysler thing; I got into it with a new Challenger and my SHO. After I blew her doors off she decided it would be cool to rev her engine on me. LOL
  7. Bad fan clutch can cause A/C inop at idle.
  8. I see my kit finally went into production. Curious....did you get any installation manuals? They had agreed to put my truck on the cover.
  9. Posting so I can make a failed attempt to find this later
  10. I'm going to pay off the TBSS and free up 500/month
  11. It's no Ford, but looks very nice
  12. Had to dig up the main septic line on my vacation this week and repair it, but everything is put away. I love having the space in the new kitchen to actually cook It is certified, so it comes with a premiumcare for 12/12 and powertrain for 7/100 from original in service date. It is strange about your buddies dad having issues, as we see an average of 100-130 cars a day at the dealership and the SHO are hardly ever in for service other than maintenance.
  13. I think the Volvo had a tad more guts and being lowered it definitely handled better. The Taurus definitely fits my work duties more and rides a ton smoother.
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