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  1. This is looking promising. Hope the guy will let it go, and also that it is not a disappointment.
  2. It is easier with the motor on the stand. Someday... She still has 117k on it.
  3. Posts like these make me a little happier knowing I have not driven mine for 4.5 years.
  4. ZIPPY still lives in that area I believe, although its been a minute since we have talked
  5. That's cool, my SHO has a similar product on it and I love it. Nice truck, Dan.
  6. Must be a Chrysler thing; I got into it with a new Challenger and my SHO. After I blew her doors off she decided it would be cool to rev her engine on me. LOL
  7. Bad fan clutch can cause A/C inop at idle.
  8. I see my kit finally went into production. Curious....did you get any installation manuals? They had agreed to put my truck on the cover.
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