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  1. Hello everybody haven’t posted in a while, hope everybody’s doing good. Anybody know how to update hptuners? I’m using a windows XP laptop,without internet, I really don’t want to buy another laptop, if anybody has any experience on this is much appreciated, thanks Chris
  2. Just wondering if the 2003 SS is considered a collector vehicle in NJ? Dose any body have any experience with the process? I read on motor vechicles website, the vehicle has to be less then 25 years old, driven less than 3,000 miles a year,have collector car insurance, and be limited production. I’m thinking the Ss might be limited production because it has a different engine identifying character in the VIN no, and is AWD, any thought’s on this, just trying to save on insurance and inspection fee’s
  3. Yes I still have the Ss 46,000 mi. on it now, and all is well, thanks
  4. Hello everybody, Haven’t been on this site for a couple of years,thought I would say hi andwish everybody a happy new year
  5. Try gmpartseast.com put your vin number in and you should be able to get the correct gm part no. for your truck
  6. I don't recommend doing this. It's what I wanted to do, it was easy for me, took about 5 minutes to cut the hole. If the pump every fails on the road, like mine did, I wouldn't want to tilt the bed on the side of the road. 10 minutes and new pump installed. Also was planning on upgrading the fuel system someday.
  7. I cut my bed just make sure to coat all the cut edges with paint. Just four screws and it comes right off. I put four tabs to bolt the piece back on,I used a jigsaw, here's a pic. Mine needs another coat of pant
  8. I hope it isn't post jumping, I wish I had the time to do a frame like shawnss is doing. That is amazing good work
  9. Yeah I have a 03 and it is return style fuel line, I see you are from the hockey state does that mean Calagery CA?
  10. I thought they were in south jersery. Where is Holgate? Looks likes cool place
  11. I don't think the idler arm has any splines, I think you mean pitman arm(attach to steering box). Best way to tell is to pull the nut on the bottom of pitman arm and count the number of big splines, hope this helps
  12. Awesome!!! What part of the shore are these picture's from?
  13. How do the fuel lines hook up? Is this setup for returnless fuel system?
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