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  1. I had the same kit on my old 05' VHO. The ram air tube does make a difference. It helps get more cooler air to the filter. Of course the design is not of a true "Ram Air" design due to the inside of the Volant air box having the fender cut out wide open. This will not allow the box to pressurize and creat that "ram air" effect. The positive thing about not having a true "ram air" design is the ability to get cooler air to the filter, and keep out water and hard debris from penetrating your air filter. It is stated it is for highway only use due to the fact it "could" shove water into you
  2. Looks like I'll be going with a Wheatley tune as soon as I get a chance. Not sure if it would be worth it until I get exhaust and intake, but then again, those bolt-on do not generally make much of a difference in power output. Jim
  3. Facts straight?? Hmmm... they are pretty straight...in my opinion. I drove my brother in laws black on black 6.1 HEMI Challenger. Yes it is fast, but not nearly as fast as I thought it would be. The weight is a major factor. Also, I'm not small, I'm just perfect! IMO. 210lbs. The seats are too big, not the inside overall room. The seats look like large leather reclining chairs that belong in your house or for your office chair. They are very bulky looking and are not comfortable. They are very stiff, way too firm. No plushness or sport like feeling to them. Just too hard. If I had hemorrhoi
  4. Unfortunately the Silverado SS is dead and will stay that way....unless GM really pulls drastically through their economic down fall. You can always build your own....if you really think about it, we pretty much change out everything on them anyways. Though you still have the fan club that will only do the basic bolt ons. It really is just unfortunate for us all. Now, on the Camaro thing, these are probably kids stating their opinions. The Challenger is nice, but it is not put together all that well. Have any of you read the Car and Driver reviews?? Even within the Challenger review it w
  5. That's really the whole debate with this truck though. More people would like to see this truck in a single cab, then there are others that wouldn't buy the truck unless it offered more room for more than just one passenger. To me, the ext and crew cab trucks are not the problem. It will come down to will we (GM) build this truck in a single cab? I really do not know why this is a problem, but there is an obvious reason. Hell, they still won't offer the 6.0L in a single cab configuration. So what makes you guys think they will offer it with even a bigger engine option??? I'm with a lot of
  6. How would 520ftlbs of tq be competitive against the current? That doesn't make sense. Jim
  7. I wouldn't mind one, but it really doesn't fit the bill for me. I really could care less for the added mass. I would like to buy a single cab SS. If they make one. Place that 6.2L in that....then we have some real potential. The cheapest I found a GMC Denalli loaded, was $45,000 + TTL. That will put me out of being able to have money left over for mods. I would like to keep the cost down to around $35,000 tops for my next truck. If GM fails to launch the next SS Silverado as a single cab, then I go to plan B. Make my own single cab SS. I haven't done any number figures yet, so I don't know
  8. I honestly doubt you will see GM produce to sell that particular truck. I really hate to say it too. I would love to purchase that thing if they did though. I'm thinking we will see a 6.2L SS Silverado. If they do, I would hope they would sell it supercharged with a 6L80E behind it. Would be really nice if they actually produced a pure performance truck that is SINGLE CAB! The extended cab version should be offered as well, but a least give the buyer the option. Ford will be producing a 3rd Gen Lightning here soon. Probably in 2009. GM better have the balls to compete this time around.... I'
  9. Well...it's been a while since I first asked about a possible new body SS Silverado. Well? Any updated news on this subject? Thanks, Jim
  10. Those Dynatechs I sold you and your toes make a beautiful combination! Those headers look awesome with that Nitro-Plate coating. That is the first time I ever seen them! I hope to see some video soon and some dyno numbers! Jim
  11. I doubt it will be all that fast due to the heft of the Denali. It will be pretty quick, but I don't see it beating a 2wd EC VHO or SS. Would like to see a SCSB SS with that engine combo. That would be fast! Jim
  12. part# 10572 is the part number to these shocks. Jim
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