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  1. to be truthful your truck is over modified for what were looking for. id hate to see a truck of your status broken down to stock status. Now if the truck was taken back to stock status already then we could talk if price was right.
  2. yea i got a 2000 TJ project going on, swapping a 53 in it with 35s whats miles on your truck and is it modded? stock or near stock is best
  3. looking for a toy for the wife and she's interested in either a SSS or a lightning but price has to be within reason
  4. Looking for a silverado ss thats next to stock or is stock. Im located southwestern PA about 45minutes out of pittsburgh pa.
  5. swap to a GMT900 intake and then buy the heads
  6. you would need custom axles or redrill yours as for the 9.5" sf 14 bolt with disk brakes. all you need is the brakes from a 99-04 10 bolt. I did the disk brake swap on my 14 bolt back in early 07, i orignally used the brakes i had on the 10 bolt that came stock on the truck. Now im using SSBC 14" rotors and SSS dual piston calibers
  7. 00+ are the ones you want to use as they were used with the LS motors, you could still use the older ones but they have a bell housing hole that isnt there. [12 oclock]
  8. ill keep that in mind about the 373s, if i did that id have to find a front diff with 373s to use. The Awd conversion will take sometime. Trying to find a donor SSS to use the front diff and the nvg149 out of. I then gotta find a 4wd frame, do some work to the frame to adapt the gmt900 front strut setup, doing fuel cell, relocated rear shocks, slid back crossmember then off to the powder coater. So probably wont be for least few months. Not mention ill have to redo my twin setup since the driveshafts will interfer with my downpipes along with the strut mounts will interfer with the waste gate merges
  9. i have 410s in there now. im over 800 rwhp and the 410s well .....dont do me justice, also planning to go AWD so wanted to load the turbos better when i do go auto/AWD
  10. are you still selling these and what is the current going rate
  11. motives are probably the best Non GM gear you can purchase and install. Find a used TBSS axle and swap the 410s over to yours. i did this, wish i would of kept my 373s around tho
  12. hate to do this but i gotta bring this up. wasnt it you that said to me how long will mine last. What caused your motor to need totally rebuilt and spit a gasket when you have thick deck heads, 6 bolt heads with 1/2 main studs? your a good asset to the truck world but sometimes krama is a bitch. i beat the balls off my truck for past 1k miles and make huge power for cheap parts on low boost. You and zippy both had your words to speak....i seen how yours is hurt and is in need of a full rebuild were mine is stil ltogether getting beat when driven. seriously thou how does 6 bolt heads that have the 1/2" upgrade done push a gasket out when i run TTY bolts and never push a drop of coolant
  13. yea she did say that lol, and thanks for the turbos, those little buggers are effeicent. at 11 psi im 816 rwhp on a mustang dyno, not to shabby for little 62s
  14. the orignal plan was to hit up a TNT at a 1/4 mile track but since all the rain weve gotten lately they were closed today. Since i was already loaded up i figured id hit up a backwoods 1/8 mile to learn how to launch this truck. i tried everything from 3800 2 step launch to a 2k 2 step launch to slipping clutch off idle. went from 18psi to 14 psi in the tires all the same results. once the turbos hit all i did was spin, didnt matter what gear, didnt matter what power level. i took truck down to mid 500 range and still had issues. ive came to realize that its pointless to go racing on the strip till i get real tires/wheels. heres my first pass you can hear my girl, she wasnt to thrilled about seeing this there was literally 1/8 mile of rubber laid down, needless to say there goes 600 bucks down the drain lol
  15. LS motors are stout when in the right hands and setup they hold together. Lack of experience or poor judgment will wipe out any motor forged or nonforged
  16. i did the following i used the stock wiring to trigger my 40 amp relay i have mounted by the tank. i have a single 10 gauge industrial wire going from battery to relay with a 30amp fuse since each 255 draws 12 amps max now times 2 you have plenty of amp even for inrush current. when wiring this way, if a pump fails it blows the fuse. once the pump opens up then you replace the fuse and limp home on 1 pump ppl say with dual pumps you have no idea when you lose a pump, well how i have mine i do know. ive done this way on a few builds and all have same results sorry i dont have a diagram or anythng as i just got at it as i need to this way you can still pull the factory fuel relay when troubleshooting the setup or priming the motor
  17. with the settings the FIC gave me to use they actually sucked for idle and driving. i played with the offsets and etc and now it drives like anything else they are high impedence injectors as well
  18. for past 3 yrs ive had both my pumps running together at same time. ppl are so concerned about fuel being heated up with dual pumps running together. something to think about youll have a regulator to control that pressure. another thing to think about is when you go race pump that flows more then 2 walboros whats any different then that? ive had no issues
  19. i hit up the rollers once again. after the intake swap and larger injector swap i was in need of a retune. Since the street isnt the best place to tune WOT with this setup so i choose to use the dyno. I again hit up a mustang dyno. im still on 11psi with E85 and VP M1 meth mods since the last time are fast 102 intake, fast 102 Tb and FIC 118lb injectors, leaned out some, few more hundred rpms and alittle more timing hows 816 rwhp and 745 rwtq sound? truck was dyno'd with cut outs open and air filters off i then dyno'd it to see how much restriction the dual 3" exhaust with magnaflows are and my air filters. its a loss of 25 rwhp mods total are following 2005 LS2 arp rod bolts [80 dollar ones] TTY head bolts LS2 head gaskets 230/236 595/601 115+2 cam WCCH 317s fast 102/102 1 7/8 turbo headers T62-1s with .68 ar exhaust side this isthru a T56 and 9.5" 14 bolt with 410s with 315/35/20 nitto drag radials on silverado SS wheels AFRs this time around 11.3 using gas scale duty cycle with the 118s was 83%
  20. i dont start comanding AFR change till 115kpa prior to that i command 14.7 and as boost increases i richen the afr and pull timing
  21. At 11 psi I'd shoot for 11.5-11.6 on gas
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