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  1. cant make it tonight. would love too but i gotta work early tomorrow.
  2. looks good. atleast i am not the only silvy ss guy with a mustang. hahaha
  3. Just rolled 100,000 2 weeks ago. Still running strong.
  4. agreed . goodmark is top quality. got mine from stylin concepts 2 years ago.
  5. agreed. get one and race your buddies when the concrete is wet. a truly awesome feeling .
  6. i put a good mark cowl hood on my sss 2 years ago and love it. old pic. old bumper and no ss bowtie.
  7. dont feel bad. i did shackles and hangers on the rear and found my drive shaft hitting a crossmember . had to raise the back end up another inch . guess i should have done the leaf springs instead.
  8. i get about 15 on the back roads and 18-20 on the highway. its fun as hell being awd. not very many people know and we when u leave them from a stop sign or light. their reaction is hilarious. ive got an intake ,catback , tune and some weight reduction( bser roll pan , removed hitch and spare tire) and ive ran a best of 14.0..
  9. i flipped mine over( because of the bser roll pan) and it works great. doesnt hit anything and sits alittle higher so its easier to see. just gotta remember to flip the wires around so the turn signals are right.
  10. you will love it. ive had a wheatley tune for 2 years now and couldnt be happier
  11. name a time and place. should have a track day soon.
  12. i just got mine from him today. cant wait to get it on.
  13. good tune and get rid of some weight.
  14. what size tires are u running? any rubbing issues?
  15. that sucks. u wouldnt see them do that here in texas. they would get a gun pulled quick on them down here.
  16. exhuast , intake and a good tune got me 14.2 in the 1/4. start there. then shift kit and stall.
  17. good luck on what u are going thru. it is a very tough think to admit.hope everything goes good, but it sounds like u have a strong group of friends which is always helpfull.
  18. ive trimmmed and removed the bracket on the bump stops and bolted them to the frame. im curios what shock ur running. i know i need new ones. i have the nitro drop shocks in the front now and monroe sensa trac in the rear. the front rides fine, its just the rear thats a problem.
  19. i have hangers and shackles in the rear. what shocks are u guys running out back and what size tires? im running stock style shocks and 275/55/20 and have a problem bottoming out either on the axle or bottoming out the shocks. it rubs the edge of the tire when i hit a bump too. any suggestions whould be great.my wife drives the truck everyday and i want it to be as smooth as possible without adding helper bags. i dont tow or carry anything ever exept my fat butt.
  20. if u can get traction considering its front wheel drive and a v8. i run 14.2 and pulled away from my buddys 06.
  21. u. all day everyday especially from a dig. my buddy has an 06 impala with the front wheel drive v8 and i pull on him all day long.
  22. try having your hood in the bedroom for a month. she was pissed .
  23. send him a message and he'll give u a price. [email protected] i just got mine in today. now i gotta wait for my wife to get home with the truck so i can put it on.
  24. congrats. i ordered mine last week. now just eagerly awaiting it.
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