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  1. Missing my SS, looking to buy a Black SS AWD ASAP. Want very low miles because I drive my truck a lot. A denali is not the same as the SS.
  2. 10k OBO want this truck sold....looking at a z06 i wanna jump on
  3. I can't believe how awesome these trucks hold up with proper maintence. This has to be my best truck, ever. I never had any need to want to sell it till now.
  4. Truck is far from a throw away. Up keep was to the 9's on the this truck. It is my daily driver and the only reason I'm selling is to pick up a z06. I love these trucks
  5. The truck has been maintained to the highest quality. Washed 3 times a week. 3k oil changes. Wax every other week. It is a great daily driver. 220k miles 8k HIDS Strobes in Front and Rear True Dual Flowmaster exhaust with dual split, one side. Heavy Duty Bed liner 35% tints 6 disc cd xm heated seats leather all the options except sunroof and chrome wheels. The bad: The cluster motors are going. Cheap fix small rust bubble on driverside part of hood. Couple cracks in the driver seat. $11,000 708-514-0286 Steve
  6. I'm looking for something to the 600hp mark to be honest, the most cost efficent way. and i'm unsure of what way to go.
  7. at 200k, i think i need to be doing a little work to it. lol
  8. I'm past the 200k mark, lol. Need to have this motor rebuilt, do you know anyone around us?
  9. The motor has A Lot of miles on it. Do you think I should find a 408? End outcome, I want 500+hp
  10. Hey guys my 04' SS motor is getting too many miles on it and starting to get tired. I do not know where I should go for a new motor. I want to get something built and I'm in the midwest. Any recommendations would greatly be appreciated. Thanks Bruno
  11. Looking for a motor for my 04' SSS, My stock motor is starting to get tired so I want to buy a built motor to replace it. Any motors for sale around me? Or where would you guys recommend me going for a motor swap? Thanks Bruno
  12. My gauge cluster is going, and it is time to replace it. Does anyone have a cluster that is working great for Sale? Bruno [email protected]
  13. I have a 04' sss that has 180k on it. I'm going to need to either a trans or a rebuild kit.
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