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  1. as long as no one is going to see this and this post will get locked up soon all i got to say is thanks for the free post ha ha
  2. Right on guys appreciate it! that japanese barbeque place sounds amazing, that i will try for sure! im hoping to find a nice sushi place too. how do you guys live with this weather here? low of 62 high of 72 everyday!!!!!!!! Ha ha j/k. hey Chase are you going to the track anytime soon? i have always wanted to see your truck. especially now that mine is gone.... dammit.
  3. yeah the new owner of the truck was really impressed on the condition. i took good care of her so i hope they do the same. the bike is bad ass though i love it, i didn't realize how fast i would get addicted. woo hoo speed.
  4. whats up everyone? im visiting San Diego to go to the US Open, and i was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for me on good places to eat. im in mission bay and looking for some ideas. thanks in advance.
  5. Defiantly got to be safe when your on a bike. watching everyone else is point number one. the perfromance aspects of the bike will probably never be tested but i might take it to the track for fun. i will have to post some pictures when i get some time maybe this weekend. trying to work as much as i can before i get shoulder surgery and will be down and out for a bit.
  6. I guess im on the band wagon of former ss owners. that truck was really good to me and it sucks to see her go, but someone else is going to enjoy the hell out of it. i sold it at my full asking price. the dude was impressed with it right away. it is hard to quit work to go to college and this was smarter financially for me... i think ha ha. but any who on to the bright side... i bought a 99 buell thunderbolt black on black with 4000 miles on it and a few extras. it is a killer bike and im pretty excited to get around on it all summer. i will purchase another vehicle soon but it is nice to get 45-55 miles per gallon. specs i found on the internet about the bike. in metric units the motor is 12xx CCs it is supposed to go 0-100 in 4.3 seconds and have a top speed of 209. it has a cam, intake and exhaust on it. the stock numbers on this bike were like 101 hp and 95 ft lbs of torque, so i have no idea what the extras do to the numbers but this think is scary fast for me. fast enough to turn me into a pavement smear. but im a safe rider. i will still stop by from time to time to check in on all you guys and a few gals. my plan is to buy a used CTS-V. thanks for everything this sight is the stuff.
  7. I'm putting this stuff for sale locally but i wanted to put it up here before i did just incase anyone wants it. im willing to go pretty cheap so shoot me an offer. first the JL Audio W3 12" sub is practically brand new just barely broken in. looking for 175. i have two 10" dual voice coli over subs in a custom charcoal box that fits under the back seat. sounds really really good. looking for 150 for the subs and throw in another 50 and i'll give you the box. stock exhaust from muffler back including tip, 50. I have a stock black hood, just send me an offer i have no idea what to ask. the bed cover is a leer 600 series. the paint is in decent shape and everything works fine. the parts are a little worn but it is a good cover and looks great. looking for 600. buyer pays for shipping. let me know soon if you are interested cause i need to get rid of it all
  8. Best: i got to go with the hood and paint becuase i love the look. worst: i regret spending the money on the bed cover and the rims... should have gone F.I. with the money
  9. i got one if you want it.50 plus shipping sound reasonable?
  10. info reading up a bit about this tranny how big of a pain will a conversion be? i would love the gas mileage increase, plus the first gear ratio wouldn't hurt 0-60 times as much as the 4L80. but it weighs 210lbs. just looking for thoughts from others.
  11. i would love some custom pain and a 14R to go in the bed. maybe a built l92 or lsx swap, a 6l80, and twin turbos. and the pure joy of owning people at the track. free beer
  12. i was running two 12" w3 on top of my seat, i have a box under the seat but all i could fit was 10"s under there. the 12" are good speakers but they need breathing room
  13. i had p3s also earlier and the twelves would not fit undermy seat with proper enclosed area. how did you get them to fit without them hitting anything?
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