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  1. What's up guys!?!?  Long time no see, use to frequent this site 10 plus years ago.  I still have Ole Blue sitting in my shop, never getting rid of this beast.  

  2. I’ve had one for years, looks so clean and still looks awesome over a decade later.
  3. Any updates on guys that have got this kit? I also want just there brackets and 8 or maybe even 12 rib setup with my D1. I just looked at there site and dang that's a great deal on a full kit they if someone doesn't have anything at all yet even. I'll have to give the guys over at HOB a holler and see what they can do for me about getting a kit without the head unit.
  4. I have the procharger intercooler that came with the kit laying around somewhere I could make you a deal on. I upgraded to a big one
  5. Did you try to buy one at the exchange on base with just your ID card?
  6. Sorry, your kind isn't welcome here. Haha jk man, welcome!!! We can be friends until late November haha
  7. Before I welcome you I must know, Roll Tide or War Eagle? haha... or neither?
  8. That's the engine sounding equivalent to a girl with a nice rack AND a nice butt... I LIKE!!! I mean same as a woman with a great personality hehe
  9. I hope they get them back in stock soon, I need one to finish my build that I'm finally starting after years of sitting haha
  10. PM me what you'll take... my SS is at my shop in Tennessee so shipping should be cheap since you're in Kentucky I don't have much red under my hood but my brakes are red so I guess it wouldn't look to bad, besides ppl using only see the D1 under the hood haha
  11. How bad do you wanna get rid of that catch can?
  12. Learn something new everyday... I've never noticed the black outline. Now I have to go searching through the photos to see the difference on an arrival blue so I will know if I need to do this swap or not haha.
  13. That looks great with the new wheels. Looks like you took the steps off the side as well. The tinted windows also look great, couldn't see those in the first pic since they were rolled down. Great ride man!
  14. I've been wanting a dually to make an SS dually for awhile. We had a few posts about these bad boys a in years past. Good lookin ride man! Low miles too, especially low for a Duramax.
  15. Sorry to hear that man. 190,000 miles and having a procharger something was bound to give out, glad to hear you can save it! What procharger are you running, a p1 or a d1? Keep us posted!
  16. That awkward moment when you pull up to three red lights in a row next to the Mustang GT you beat at the drag strip and he DOESN'T try to race you again, or look at you directly *mustang owner's thoughts* the big bad chevy isn't there, it won't hurt me if I don't acknowledge its existence.... it's only in my head, it's only a dream, don't look don't look don't look I'm fast don't look. *my thoughts* I don't race on streets anyway
  17. SO SEXY!!! That color is amazing. I want to find a Jet stream blue C6Z but maybe I should just pull the trigger on the C7. Awesome car my friend, keep us posted.
  18. Hey guys does anyone know about a silverado ss light up sign? I saw some on the Facebook page some time ago but it was being developed and I have yet to hear about them since. I'd like to add some more stuff to the house/garage and it would look good. Here is a picture of a Chevrolet one that looks EXACTLY like the one on the Facebook group but it had SS instead of the bowtie. http://thumbs4.ebaystatic.com/d/l225/m/mfc5fEgSg40YmpO9tWQ_-jw.jpg Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!
  19. Makes sense, there has been A LOT of new tech in the last decade. I still smile anytime someone compares their new truck to the SS seeing as how it has literally been over a decade (and a 1/2 maybe?) since these SS's were designed. Love the new Denali, glad to see the GM trucks are still advancing and kicking butt. I love my 2014 GMC and love even more that it shares the garage with my SS.
  20. That's sexy man! I've been meaning to clean mine up but my headers would be the only thing I couldn't get that clean. Guess I'll just have to buy another new shinny set
  21. Over by the speedway? Awesome man, I come through there every once in awhile and I'll definitely have to check it out for sure! I bet it wouldn't take much to get all the local SS guys there one night, maybe even one night a week/month.
  22. Nice ride! Welcome to the site, lots of good info here and quite a few of us in the Tennessee area now.
  23. So ho do you mod a hybrid? bigger battery? haha kidding... That is a sweet wife mobile. You know those wheels almost look like mini SS reps if they would've just kept the same width on the spokes all the way to the hub instead of getting skinny haha.
  24. Welcome, we are going to have to organize all these Tennessee guys popping up and some others that wanna make the trip to some type of meet up.
  25. Welcome, I'm about an hour east of you. These trucks seem to be loved by Tennesseans, I've seen a few newer members popping up with a recently purchased SS.
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