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  1. Had snow only a few times since I've had mine...but she just goes like Hell and even hooks up in the snow..never seen nothing like it!!
  2. Probably some kin to me some where down the line....
  3. I joined Feb 06,my SS has 93,000 and no problems.
  4. http://s263.photobuc...y%2010-22-2011/ The car show was great but the racing seemed to lacking something... Video added...
  5. Beer....BUDWEISER..or Sam Adams LIKKER....Vodka and Cranberry Crown and Ginger or VO Gold and Sprite I usually prefer the likker'.... Some 'Shine is good every so often too..
  6. Looks pretty good but i personally don't like anything bigger than 22's.
  7. My bike.. Yea right.. Actually my real bike.. 98 CID,10:1,.600 CAM,Crane Single Fire ignition,BDL 3"BDL Belt Drive,18" apes on 6" risers. Just over 100 H.P ...
  8. Thanks,i've heard of this...I need to do this soon!!
  9. Cool..i've always run ac/delcos in all my cars and trucks. I guess i'll just stick with them.
  10. Thanks....any experience with the E 3's ??
  11. When did you change yours,what kind did you get and what is the gap setting??? Thanks......
  12. I saw that at the Charlotte Auto Fair but didn't get to hear it. So BADASS!!!
  13. Dayum....I always thought these were real.. Thanks for spoiling it for me.......
  14. I don't think i have ever seen a newer body style truck tubbed..... Could be cool i guess.
  15. Can't imagine how that would sound... My latest deal.. 12 String Les Paul ...kinda...
  16. My Great Grand Pa was walking up and down the halls of the rest home,naked as a jaybird and crying.."My Wee Wee died..my Wee Wee died" when a nurse finally consoled him back to his room and assured him that everything was alright. The very next day Great Grand Pa was at it again..in the hallway..."My Wee Wee died..My Wee Wee died" and the nurse again helped him back to him room and asked him about his issue.. "Well, remember yesterday when my wee wee died he asked.... "Yes" she said" that was a sad day for you i'm sure...so why are you doing this again"?? Gramps said.. "Well, today is the viewing"!!
  17. SOUNDS LIKE YOU NEED TO DO MORE RIDING!! I used to average 11,000/ year on my bike. ALOT less than that now.
  18. Beautiful! We'll have to get together for a ride sometime.
  19. I passed a Blue SS in front of Crabtree about 1 a.m.,and we each said nice truck... Yes I have a Harley Springer. 98 cid/100 hp
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