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  1. 2 Issues ... My 3rd Brake Light was turning on when turning on the right turn signal. Right turn signal on caused cruise control to turn off (naturally) The PCM lost communication with one of the 2 APP sensors, causing "Reduced Power Mode" (Limp Mode) to engage - This set 4 codes in the PCM These cleared up once the wet weather passed. Both issues went away, and are currently not a problem, making diagnosis difficult.
  2. For you guys that have torn apart SS's ... I was wondering if there is a wiring harness that runs behind the left front fenderwell ... ? I had some weird electrical issues happen last week (Only when raining), and I'm wondering if they're related to the rub spot in the LF fenderwell from my tires being aligned incorrectly.
  3. Not close enough to the concept ... not sure I like the production model yet ...
  4. I need to get a boatload of new parts for my truck. Just wanted opinions on what everyone has used, liked/disliked, etc. Brakes Front & Rear: Calipers Pads Rotors Shocks - Thinking About Sensa-Tracs Front Rear Tie Rod Ends: Inner Outer Ball Joints Upper Lower P/S Pump Alternator On a budget of 3K total. Priced everything through NAPA - 2234.15 (Opted for their hi-perf. drilled/slotted rotors) 625 (I Hope) for tires. 2859.15 total. Thoughts?
  5. We thought so too ... So we replaced both pitman and idler with Moog components ... I wonder if it's not them that's doing it ...
  6. This was why I was asking ... I'm about to do a lot of work on the truck ... including new tires, and my buddy and I were having a hard time finding out what part was causing the problem. We aligned it, got underneath, checked for wear and we couldn't find anything ... And what's strange ... is my alignment is still 100% true from when we aligned it in March. I'm guessing we aligned with the bad tie-rod end ... So ... it's certain that it's just the tie-rod end that's worn out? That may explain why the steering pulls me all over the road lately ... NOTE - Something I forgot to mention ... the abnormal inside wear started happening after we aligned the truck in March ...
  7. Anyone know the cause of the driver's front tire wearing only on the inside, while the pass. front is wearing normally? I noticed this on another Silverado that I saw in a parking lot, so I'm hoping there's a known answer ...
  8. Great idea ... many people are already doing this with their in-vehicle PC systems ... I do think $449 for a Wi-Fi router is a bit outlandish ...
  9. I won't touch an iPhone because the service isn't with Verizon, it's with AT&T. Jobs made a really dumb choice not choosing Verizon as an optional carrier. He could have had a hell of a lot more money in his pocket.
  10. Got almost 1500 songs on my Hard Drive ... Usually DMB, Breaking Benjamin, Godsmack, Counting Crowes ... etc.
  11. Those marauders are smokin' cars ... too bad it's a Ford ... nice car though
  12. Guess I did get a little long-winded ... thanks brad ...
  13. Crank Reference should stay in the PCM once it has been learned. I'm guessing that the PCM you put in has never seen an engine before ... that's probably why you had to learn it. Most GM's retain their Crank Reference even after reprogramming. It is usually only new or reman PCM's that need to have the Crankshaft Variation Learn Procedure run ... you'll know if it needs it if you get the P1336 DTC.
  14. Definitely replace. Much cheaper in the long run to swap out wires and plugs than all of your coils because the coils worked too hard on worn-out wires and plugs. I did mine @ 55.
  15. I was there 3 weeks ago for a wedding ... but not Saturday ... sorry dude
  16. Now THAT sounds like an idea! Those would look real good
  17. 12 secs. 3rd time 14 secs. 4th time I agree ... irritating game ...
  18. All aluminum pedals are ricy, IMHO ... No ricing the trucks!
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