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  1. Damaged my ss rear bumper cover and was wondering if anyone knows a good place to find one
  2. I need a tag holder for my ss front bumper,pm with price
  3. What size is the bose subwoofer in the console? I put a pioneer double din and new door speakers and wondering if i can put an aftermarket sub in place of the bose sub, not looking for alot of bass just something that sounds good
  4. Used but like new condition, i can post pics if your interested
  5. mcgaughys 2inch drop hangers and torsion keys $125 Sold to battousai Thanks!
  6. i trashed the whipple electronics, going for the custom tune.
  7. i havent installed the supercharger yet, trying to get everything together.
  8. should i run a 160 degree thermostat?
  9. what plug should i use with my whipple?
  10. If i drop 1/4 inch off my crank pulley how much will it change the boost? The stock crank pulley is 6 1/4. And makes 6 pounds of boost.
  11. can someone tell how to adapt my 6,0 injector connectors to ls3 injectors? 03 SS Silverado
  12. can someone tell me what diameter the crank pulley is for a side mount whipple also small pulley, looking for size that come with kit, its a 2 belt setup. 03 SS 6.0
  13. WTB lowering torsion keys/spring hangers for 03ss chevy
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