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  1. Nice meeting up with you Chris...you have a nice looking Max. Until next time my friend
  2. Nice...I think you'll be working at a small tank farm on the corner of Strarford and Rd 7. Are you bringing your Max?
  3. Im here in Moses ...what kind of work are you coming to do?
  4. I use a chair as well Im not embarrased...of course I was her at home in the drive way.
  5. There's something really wrong with us as a country if this crap doesnt light a fire under your a$$...I hope that whole administration gets hammered!
  6. Wish you the best Justin Definatley drop in from time to time...
  7. Congrats on the pay off I'll be there late this year and for the record I hate taxes! We typically get screwed and usually owe about what you got back, plus paying in about 4 or 5 times that...sorry for the hi jack - rant is off
  8. I love the 71 or 72? truck, just sick looking
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