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  1. I'm in for PRO! Regards, Bob
  2. Hey YTTAF! When you installed your leaf pack did you install any of the supplied shims to raise the rear so it is even? When I installed mine without the shims the rear was way to low, so I installed 2 shims to get that level look! Do you have any pics of your rear leaf job? Any help to eliminate the vibration would be great! Calling all AWD SS'S with the belltech rear leaf pack with no vibration! Please help!!!!!! Regards, SS ON 22S
  3. I can't ged rid of my bad vibration ever since I installed the 2 wheel drive belltech leaf springs. I called belltech & they have not done any enginnering with the AWD SS with rear leafs, & don't recommend it, only shackles. Save your self the headache & install the belltech 2" drop spindles up front & the 2" shackles in the rear. I'm removing my bellteck leaf kit & installing my stock springs with the belltech shackles = no vibration!
  4. Hey All! It's great someone is making a SS III, thanks for making the effort! Regards, SS ON 22S
  5. Hello Everyone ! My New latest toy! Enjoy!
  6. Hey SSer's! I installed the belltech leaf springs in the back of my 2004 SS & I can not get rid of the vibration, so to say that it does not change your pinion/transmission angle is false because it does. I had the 2" shackles in before with no vibration, but I wanted the more level look. I tried 2,4,6 degree pinion shims & not much success, any suggestion? If I can't get rid of the vibration I'll have a set of belltech leaf springs for sale! Regards, SS ON 22S
  7. Hey Lefty what is the low cost swaybar upgrade? If it cured your vibration I would like to give it a shot! Regards, SS ON 22S
  8. I got the same problem as Chase @ 70+ I have a vibration. I'm running 2" belltech spindles up front & 3-4" beltech leafs in the rear. I tried a 2&4 degree shims in the rear, the 4 degree seems better but still not perfect! Please help anybody! Does anyone have belltech's phone number? Regards, SS ON 22S
  9. sweeeet...another dude from canada. and ontario to boot.

  10. Zippy 3 Event in Grand Haven! Having a hard time to upload my pics! I'll keep tring! Regards, SS ON 22S
  11. Hey everyone 512 Miles & from Sudbury, Ontario & it was worth every mile! Pics & Videos to follow! Regards, SS ON 22S
  12. Not BAD? A little big? Are U looking @ the same picture I am cause that SS looks Bad ASS Awesome! The wheels fit the truck great!, Not to big & not to small! Regards, SS ON 22S
  13. Hey Everyone! Just installed a set of 24's on my little brother's SS! What do U all think! Regards, SS ON 22S
  14. Great to hear from U Zippy, as U can see your quite the influence on this site, hope to hear from U more! But we all know & understand family comes first! Take care! Regards, SS ON 22S
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