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  1. I do every so often. Its been a while since my last visit.
  2. If Someone on here wants let shoot me a PM and I will let it go for 600 plus Shipping.
  3. When I bought it I think the camera was like $650 and the lens was $480. Plus you have the case, extra battery and the memory card. I bought it to get more into photography and still use my point and shoot camera much more.
  4. If anybody is looking for a new camera, let me know and I will cancel the Auction for a serious buyer. Thanks JAc http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=130316769732
  5. Your Getting ****ing screwed, Take the truck and run. Dont pay shit.
  6. New portable tool set, ratching wrench sets, some shirts and new gym clothes, Wife got a bunch of stuff for the TBSS, Clear headlights, belltech lowering struts, and magnaflow Muffler......
  7. I honestly dont think gas prices should of never reached the prices they did, That was ridiculous. There was no reason for prices to jump to 147 a barrel in a couple of months. It almost double from its normal price. Something dont sound right. Its happen to be the one yr in a long time we get a stimulus package and most went to gas in one way or another. Its sound Fishy. Oh well $hit happens...Me I'm happy gas prices have come down, Now I can afford to put gas in and have some extra spending money for other things.
  8. Good luck with the sale, but you will hard pressed to get anywhere what you own on it...
  9. I bought mine last yr, Wishes it was black too. If anybody see's a TBSS ornament let me know.
  10. I'm in the navy but enlisted. I enjoy it most of the time. It has its up and downs you can say. The real painful part is leaving 6-7 months at a time. It wasent hard when i was just married but with kids its real rought when you get back and the kids hardley remember you. I do have to admit I have been all around the world and seen many places i never would of have if i didnt join. It also has to with what job you will hold while in. Boat or avaition Navy? I got about 8 yr in right now but thinking of getting out...Jac P.S. Stay away from the army...
  11. http://videos.streetfire.net/video/This-is...shit_197519.htm
  12. You know whats crazy is in the last quarter they made 1821 dollars a second for 3 months straight. Thats Bull$hit
  13. Yeah I heard about the 1.5 million barrel cut, I also hear they will meet again in Nov and cut more if the barrel keep going down. Should be very interesting over the next couple of months.
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