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  1. Talk about a wish list. Hopefully ten years from now that would be the standard for custom gauges! Adding more customization is key
  2. Well yes and no, I get caught in the moment. All lot of these things dont stay still so I have really concentrate and just set the photo up. With the exception of the Whale Shark, nothing really prepares you to play with a 35ft play toy. All you want to do is stay next to it, but when your free diving its a PITA Me too, I may be going on a Tiger Shark expedition soon, its called tiger beach and its in about 15 feet of water. I'll keep everyone posted
  3. just saying the comment about hippies sounds silly. As if our board was a direct feed to peta. Guess I shouldve just kept my observations to myself
  4. Yeah if you would have seen the octopus though. One of the coolest animals ever
  5. Bryan, I have some pics of coral at home (im at work) I'll post them up for you. In Utila there was some amazing 10 foot high montiporas but my camera flooded right after the whale shark.
  6. Hey guys here are some of the underwater pics that I took. Some of them are from Honduras while others are from dominican republic and the bahamas I have some more pics, Mostly of birds and things like that. Hope you guys like it. The whale shark was in utila honduras
  7. Talk about the **** hitting the fan. Youve dealt with worse though. I have been meaning to check up on the outlaw filter.... have a good trip with the kids
  8. Anybody find it ironic that some people are calling out other people hippies in this board? My truck gets 10mpg
  9. a bit too easy to tear this down....
  10. Thats funny because I say the same thing about hurricanes. Ground shakes...no warning and no where to go.
  11. One of life's many lessons
  12. I am a fan of the bel's however I have a valentine. And love it, its a very clean install if you hook up the wires to the rear view mirror.
  13. Just a joke B I was basically agreeing with you.
  14. Whats that supposed to mean? QU1T STEPPIN IN MY BELIEFZ!!!1!1!!1!!!!!
  15. Errr......things might get sour quick. I think the fundamental problem with having a political/religion forum is that some people have very ingrained beliefs, which they do not believe should be questioned. On the other side of the spectrum you have people that question everything. You also have people who can freely discuss a subject without getting upset, you also have people who do not have a full understanding of an issue. In an internet forum where you have a virtual melting pot of our country and beyond. IMO This should just stick to a forum about trucks/off-topic
  16. Oh I'm here I wish life hasn't taken me by the reigns so I can be on here again. I wanna thank all my close friends here.
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