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  1. Just replied to other thread. Sorry, don’t get on here much these days.
  2. I still have some in stock. Send me a text 818-681-9776
  3. Just realized I wrote my phone number wrong on the previous post. Sorry to anyone that called or texted the wrong number. Sorry, fat thumbs. If anyone is looking for a rollpan I still have some ready to go.
  4. I’ve had a few people contact me interested in these. Anyone else interested? Might be making another batch Drop me a line 818-681-9776 Eric
  5. All gone. If I can get 5 people to do a group buy, I will make another run. Let me know if you are interested. Eric 818-681-9776 feel free to text any time
  6. I only have two roll pans left for anyone interested. Not sure if or when I’ll be making another batch.
  7. Sorry, don’t get on here much these days. They are $600 shipped anywhere mainland USA. [email protected] or text me 818-681-9776. Only have a couple left
  8. If anyone needs one, I still have some left.
  9. Where did you hear that the EO number expired?
  10. Just picked them up from the fiberglass shop. They are ready to go. Feel free to email or text me. Eric [email protected] 818-681-9776
  11. Id guess he is in Vermont based on the sticker on his back window
  12. 818-681-9776 I will reply as fast as I can. Sometimes there is a delay. Sorry, gotta sleep sometime ?
  13. BSER kind of just faded away. He required groups of people to prepay and made small batches of rollpans. After a while he didnt come on here much and it got harder and harder to get a hold of. I had purchased a couple of rollpans from him. I contacted him and asks him if I could carry on the torch making these. So I took the last rollpan to a commercial fiberglass shop I knew. They made a model from the last rollpan. They made a mold from the model and now I have them made in batches as long as there is a demand. Currently I am sold out. Hopefully things will be slow enough this week that I can take the mold over to the shop and have them start on the next batch. Feel free to text me or pass my number on to anyone that might be interested. Eric 818-681-9776
  14. Pics? I for one am really curious as to what your truck looks like with widened fenders. Could look really cool or really bad.
  15. BUMP I have one roll pan left. Not sure when or if I will make another run of these or not. So if you want/need one get it while you can. First person to pay gets it. https://www.paypal.me/SSrollpan/600 Update 4-3-18 818-681-9776 Disregard this post. I am having more made at he moment. I will keep making more as long as there is a demand. My personal cell is posted on here more than a few times. Text me in a week, a month, a year, whenever. That number is my lifeline for work. I will keep that number until I die most likely.
  16. Yep still available. Sorry for the late response. Dont get on here as much as I used to. Feel free to text me. 818-681-9776
  17. For anyone thats interested, Im down to the last few rollpans. Im not sure when or if I will make more. Feel free to email or text me. [email protected] 818-681-9776
  18. Bump. I've had a few people emailing me lately asking if these are still available. I have a few left. $600 shipped mainland USA. Based on the length of time its taken for this batch to sell, I probably wont be doing another run any time soon. [email protected] or text 818-681-9776
  19. For anyone still looking for one, I still have a few left. http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/topic/87371-custom-fiberglass-silverado-ss-roll-pans/
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