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  1. The thing is cruchfield has them for 550.00 and I bought it from sonix electronix for 270.00. I think it's a lower price deck with highend qualitys. For this price you can't go wrong.
  2. I love this unit CD 5000 Eclipes. It blows my the alpine away that I had hooked up. I'm still amazed on what just changeing the deck can do for your system. Just hooking it up fixed my sound stage and lifted it up right were it should be with crystal clear sound. The control over your system is just crazy. Even my sub has never hit harder and cleaner befor. I'm thinking thats the 8volt pre outs at work. All my gains are dead nuts 1/2 way now instead of comeing close to 3/4 . I must say alpine has the best ipod control for searching for songs but Eclipes beats them hands down in the
  3. Dang I just recieved my new PAC OS-2BOSE interface from logjam . The instructions say if your not useing the bose amp I need to use the OS-2 interface. Is it possible to still use the PAC OS-2BOSE even thoe I'm useing aftermarket amps? It seems Logjam makes it real tuff on returnes so if I can make this work I will. Has anyone ran into this problem? Thanks for any help.
  4. Check it out at crutch field. I bought it and should be in at weeks end. I pick it for all the audio controls it provides. I payed 270.00 at sonix electronix new,crutch has them for 550.00
  5. Please don't everyone answer at the same time
  6. What do you guys think of this head unit?
  7. I'm sure you see the warnings saying music over 100db will cause hearing loss. Well how loud is 100db?
  8. I'm also looking for a good inerface. So far I've found two. PAC-C2R-GM24 ....... ANYONE HAVE THIS ONE? Metra VT-GMOS-04....On crutch theres nothing but bad reviews on this one? Any others out there?
  9. I was going that route the 360 untill I heared one hooked up from a local guy and he was not happy with it. Send it back and get an after market head unit. If you really want to keep the stock deck then go for it. The DA converter in the delco units are junk so no matter what you do to try and fix the singnal it it will never be as clean sounding as a decent aftermarket unit. Just a heads up.
  10. Whats the switch for? Your grounds are find the way you did it. Now just jump a feed directly from the ALT to the POS on the battery. Keep the feed going to the red box also.
  11. I need to buy one also and was thinking of doing the install Would it be hard for a first timmer with the supplied directions? I don't mine spending the time but spending the money on labor just kills me. Where is a good place to buy the viper on line?
  12. I've done some research on ipods and they say they deliever NEAR CD quality. Does that mean it would be hard to tell if the music is comeing from an ipod or CD.
  13. Maybe I should ask a question (: What are the inportant specs and options now days that I should look for?
  14. I'm not really getting this MY 5YR old 250.00 retail dollar alpine has better specs then the new 400 dollar alpine decks and most others in that range. My older alpine does not have ipod or fancy face plates but the nuts and bolts of the deck are far superior or at least seem to be? 1-4volt outputs,this is a big deal right? 2-time aliment 3-bass focus 4-cross overs with setting for all outputs and sub feed with slope curves etc. My last step in the completion of my system is a new deck but I would like my new deck to have better specs then my old one that I'm useing. Thanks
  15. Happy New Years everyone...........I have a coulple questions about sound quality. 1- Does useing an ipod degrade sound like I've heared on the web? If so is it like switching from XM radio to cd? You would think it would be great sound quality being it comes straight from itunes to your deck. 2- What is the best way to get your music for sound quality? ipod,MP3,WMA,AAC and what the heck is WMA and AAC. What about DVD? Thanks for any feed back.
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