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  1. Looking for oem sss 20", silver, let me know what you got
  2. skrlin


    Still for sale?
  3. skrlin


    Still for sale?
  4. skrlin


    Still for sale?
  5. Looking for passenger side fender, front grill, and hood. Let me know. Thanks!
  6. Having issues with rear caliper and SSBC hanger bracket. Do I have to notch caliper?
  7. So is it confirmed that the Tahoe cal/bracket is different than the SS one? I was thinking of doing the SSBC 14" rotors with Tahoe cals, but if the cal bracket is different, than this will not work. I wanted to get newer cals since I got over 200k on this SS
  8. When I put the rear pads in the rear the pistons seemed to move alright when backing them out for the new pads. Could it still be the calipers regardless of they moved back alright?
  9. Just had a quick question my brakes on my SSS get into temps of 250F almost 300F in the rear with normal driving, I also noticed stress cracks on my rear rotors from excessive heat. Just recently I took apart the rears to install pads to find the drivers side caliper sliding pin to be stuck, fixed it up installed new grease yada yada. I also removed the parking brake lines/drum style assembly to elimate any other drag on the system. Also noticed with the increased temps that the grease for the sliding pins/contact points is turning orange from the heat! I have not bled the system yet but curious as to know if air in the system might cause a drag on the brakes causing my rotors to get HOT. Would like some insight on this, could this be a proportioning valve/master cylinder issues as well? All input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Thanks Blown 346, I noticed you are in Rockford, Plainfield here. I just hate like hell to replace the throttle body and find out its not causing the P1516, will check grounds this week and will get plugs, wires, filter and new fluid for tranny from the dealer, can get stuff for cost.
  11. No check engine light at all. O2s are orginal. Like I said only check engine light I get is when I set the cruise and then I get reduced engine power, which the scan shows P1516, this eventually clears out after like a couple restarts.
  12. Is there a way to diagnosis this?
  13. Yes its like it goes up ever so slighlty and the gas is being dumped
  14. I have a good feeling that its has nothing to do with the components but the fact its sluggish and I have to give it more gas to keep up IE the mis match between the throttle. Will try the seafoam. I will check the grounds as well. Is there a specific one that causes problems? I know my in cab microphone/speaker for onstar rattles. Makes me believe possible ground issue. I know I tried to remove the fuel filter a while back and def had no luck. I know at the same time I cleaned out the throttle body as well.
  15. When I say light throttle I mean I am barely on it. IE like coasting and just to keep it rolling I am getting 10/12 MPG was never like this before
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