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  1. http://www.SilveradoSS.com/forums/topic/31625-diy-for-dummies-int-steering-shaft-clunk-pics/
  2. bolt on mods on a s/c'd 408? typically people "bolt on" then get the bug and work up to a f/i punched and stroked motor. biggest thing is to make sure that engine can breath...inhale and exhale. the more efficiently your engine can move air, the more power it will make. always a good ref for mods: http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/topic/38271-before-you-post-read-this/ . that thread has dyno results, it had plenty of quality discussions about every mod for these trucks. professional and independent testing and results, successful and failed mods. be patient and read all discussions and follow links, you'll be happy you did and you'll be able to make your own informed decision on the final direction you want to go with your truck and make it one of a kind. hope this helps.
  3. wody


    sorry about your truck! lots of stuff has gone down. "wody's girl" is no longer "wody's girl," i have't seen "popper" on in a while...i would like to hear from him though. maybe i'll talk with him before i head out to iowa next summer so we can meet and catch up. thank you, sir
  4. alan_dickson not into the social networking stuff, but my best friend got me on instagram to keep up with everyone some how
  5. rare piece of ss promotional material you got there
  6. clown trigger that size and color is an easy $300.00 + fish
  7. bad news bears, dude. sounds like your a/c compressor is done for. this is a very common issue. if you just replace the belt and tensioner, it will continue to rattle because the compressor is actually locking that belt up. pull the belt off and try to turn the compressor by hand.
  8. sounds like it might be time to restructure
  9. released to atmosphere? just because the low side reads high does not automatically mean its over charged. i see it all the time when the charge gets so low it shuts the system down completely. most of the time when that happens, the gauge will actually go to "retard" on the low side. best thing to do is have it evacuated, vacuumed down and leak checked.
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