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  1. dont mean to burst your bubble, but unless you did an engine swap, its not an LS1. LS1 is a 5.7L all aluminum block/heads. LQ9 is the cast iron 6.0L engine found under the hood of the Silverado SS. Good luck with your sale
  2. curious about the mpg as well... I dont expect much, but would like to know... as soon as I can sell my truck I'll be in the marked for a new 1/2 ton truck... this is lookin really, really tempting... thanks
  4. its an LLY, and it has a 6 speed. in 06 they all had 6spd tranny's but early 06 the "LLY" (LBZ with milder computer tune) had 310 and the later 06-07classic had the LBZ (360hp) physically the same motor, just a difference in tuning
  5. With much regret I've decided to sell my Duramax, I am building a house, and I need to reduce money spent, so unfortunately the truck must go. ASKING $32,500 2006 Duramax LLY with 6spd Allison 2500HD LT Crew Cab Short bed 4x4 with 39k miles. The truck has tan leather interior with power EVERYTHING, Bose stereo, XM radio, 6 disc cd changer, On Star, heated seats, etc. It has a spray in bedliner, Leer fiberglass topper, 6" RCD lift kit, 35x12.5R18 Toyo M/T tires on 18x10 Raceline Renegade Chrome wheels, Stainless "nerf bars." It also has an Edge Juice with Attitude (+HOT tune level 6) tuner that adds an additional 100hp and 200ft/lbs torque, 4" MBRP Turbo back exhuast system, with 5" stainless tip, and a K&N air filter. Book Value on this truck without the Lift kit and performance parts is $33,915 (kelly blue book) and $32,700 (NADA) This truck is in excellent condition, and used as a daily driver, not a work truck or tow rig. Please contact me with any questions you may have, my phone # is four zero six- two five three- thirty six fourty six, or you may ask questions via pm I have the truck listed on CRAIGSLIST with a couple pictures, I will try to take a few current pictures Thanks for looking Edit: the truck will sell with 35" spare on 18" wheel, GM factory weather front, regular(heated/power/signal) mirrors along with tow mirrors with heat power and signals
  6. time to paint the forks to match. Sexy bike man, my father-in law would love this... he's got a dyna now and its a killer bike around town, but when he rides to sturgis it wears ya out quick too... but he's crazy 100mph+ loner, def not a pack guy
  7. thx guys. How's everyone been?? Haven't been around in a while, what's new?
  8. looks snazzy... time for a new rear tire tho lol
  9. you guys are lucky to hav that many forum guys in your area... I guess I have a few Duramax guys to chill w/ now... but thats pretty cool. I have a few muscle car buffs i chill with, but not that many are willing to help... just a handful of guys will show up, but i have to bribe with beer and pizza. Looks like you gents had a good time, so yeah... i'm jealous
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