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  1. Bad news guys. I went to get the truck from the impound and it's a total loss. There is nothing left, just the shell and the engine. I'm pretty upset right now, so I'm gonna go relax and get my head clear. Then we'll plan on what to do next. If you have any suggestion please give it to me. I can use your advices. Thanks guys.
  2. I got letter saying they got my truck in the impound since 9/22 which is funny because I called today and they told me there was no news on it. I haven't seen it but I got a list of what's missing: Misc. parts strip radio Alt./Generator Differential transmission Wheels and Tires Can someone tell me how much this is going to cost? To be honest I don't think I have enough money for all of this. I might have to take out a new credit card. Tomorrow I'm gonna go tow my truck home. I'm happy to be getting it back and I'll let you know what other damages there are.
  3. Again thank you everyone for your support and thank you for those who looked up Craig's list. I'm gonna give those info to the detective see if they can check it out for me. There's been nothing on the truck. Knowing my luck it's probably in Mexico some where, gosh I hope not. Everyone I know who got their car stolen usually gets it back in a few days and this is been well over a week. I can't help but to feel it's never coming back. Today a buddy of mine came over to hang out, watch some baseball and he asked where's my truck and my whole house went quiet. I told him it was at the shop. I don't really know why I lied to him, maybe I just didn't wanna get into it. Is that weird?
  4. THANK YOU ALL for you concerns, I can use the support. To answer your question about the Onstar, I don't have it. The truck was custom ordered by some guy, I guess he didn't like Onstar or the truck for that matter cuz he ended up having a change of heart and that's how I ended up with it. I am usually a pretty nice guy but the scumbag who stole my truck left my little baby girl on some parking lot crying, hungry for her bottle. He can rot in hell for all I care. I got a letter from the police asking if I left credit cards, checks, iPod etc. in the car. iPod??? I'm wondering if they can trace it since my daughter did leave her iPod in the truck. Does anyone know how that works? I can't wait to call them on Monday. THANK YOU AGAIN GUYS.
  5. Well the SS is gone, first of all I have only liability insurance (so I'm screwed). The reason is time is tough right now, I have to pay for my daughter's college tuition and I only drive my truck on weekends maybe less. So I figured I'd saved some money and hopefully my good driving skills would help me avoid accidents since I've never been in one. Last Saturday I took my family to the Gene Autry Museum across the street from the L.A. Zoo. We were meeting my parents and my oldest daughter who is attending Occidental College here in So Cal. I had with me my 14 year old, 6 year old, 2 year old and my wife. We met inside the museum for about an hour and half, had a lot of fun, made dinner plans and it looked like we were gonna have a great day. We came outside to find the truck is gone. Inside was my baby's bottle, diaper bag, toys, car seat, strollers, my kids school back pack, my daughter's iPod, everything is gone. I felt so helpless, ashamed and sad about how I let everyone down. We're not museum goers but my parents invited us, we normally would've said no but my oldest daughter was gonna be there and I miss her a lot being off to college in all I just wanted to see her. We usually don't take out the truck for family trips either, we normally would have taken my wife's car but it's Saturday so I figured we take the SS out for a drive. It's been a week and I've heard nothing. Not even a follow up phone call from the cops, I can honestly say I have no hopes of them finding my truck but just in case one of you boys run into someone selling parts like BEDRUGS, X2000 lid, etc. for a 05 Silverado SS that's kind of fishy please let me know. I had the 05 SS in the Birch Silver. I'm sorry for letting you boys down. I know I screwed up big time. Chris in Pasadena.
  6. Thanks guys. I will do some more googling but I can't find a place that sells it alone without the lid and I will pm Fast4Poppers to see what he say.
  7. I'm looking for an electric actuators for my bed lid. Does anyone have one? I was wondering if they are reliable. I have the X2000 Speedster lid and the locking mech. broke so I was thinking of going electric.
  8. I'm missing one and I was wondering where I can get a replacement besides the dealer. I don't care if it's a replica as long as it fits. Thank you.
  9. Fake! Fake! Fake! Obviously that was an R.C. Car and not a real Silverado SS.
  10. *** Added Pic to this Thread ... Closed secondary/double Thread ***
  11. Hey old friend. It has really been a while but you know how it is when you have a big family. Plus I keep falling in and out of love with my truck. I don't know what to do with it. Right now I'm just gonna drive it to the new Camaro comes out then we'll see what happens. The Prowler is a 2000 with 25 thousand miles in super clean condition. I agree black would be much better. You know I assume it was a V8 at first because of the ridiculous size rear tires. V6 3.5 is weak.
  12. I miss Mr. P Where is that guy?
  13. Alien Technology. I saw a similar craft on the X Files.
  14. Rain? What is this thing you call rain? Sincerely Los Angelenos
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