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  1. Dex-Cool worked for me... I live in Alaska
  2. http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=29389 ^^ will explain everything in greater detail.. $2,500 Magna Charger Outlaw CAI 2.9" and 3.1" pulley Intercooler You will need to buy the rest of the kit. ie: bolts, washers, intercooler mounts, gas pump, tune,... ect any questions just ask
  3. Yea, more than likely that was me... The truck was blue. It went up for auction a few days later... I have no idea where it is now.
  4. think of as... just the super charger, front mount for the pulleys, and the intercooler itself. I have a few offers so far. I'm asking $2,500. That includes 2.9'' pulley, CAI, Gage, pod, and shipping. first come first serve. I'm calling Magna Charger tomorrow to see what the rest of the kit would cost separate.
  5. lol yea, Lake Otis and Tudor! lol You guys should see this wall... and yes, was me on Craigslist. lol... only got 2 offers.. 1 guy offered 44'' swamper tires and a new tune for w/e... other guy wanted to give me airline miles... I also, really hate to say what I got as a new ride... I did look all over the place for a new SS... couldn't find anything... I got a ... 06 WRX... I hate it already.... and 1 month after I got it... craiglist had an 04 blue SS for sale...
  6. that sucks it happened! But that pass. fender is about on the other side of the truck. I can see how the first reaction would be but into a wall? better to take the lick and follow his ass! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> If you guys look at the pictures a little closer you will see that it was raining that day and was pretty slick... sorry forgot to leave that in there.
  7. Here's where F-150 hit me... Hard to see.. I was really upset and couldn't stand looking at it anymore... First off... They only gave me 30min on a friday to take this all off... before they shipped it to the yard... Lets see... I have the Supercharger, 2.9" and 3.1" pulleys, Most of the Mounts, intercooler... Outlaw CAI, Magna Charger Gage and pod.... Honestly, if it was me... I would buy every thing the kit comes with... bolts, washers, mounts, seals, and hoses from them... You will also need the tune... if you don't do it yourself. PM me your offers if you serious... time for bed... get back to you guys tomorrow. Edit: For all you guys that would want to find this guy... Anchorage is a pretty large city... and I have been looking... If I see him... there will be blood involved.
  8. Before you jump to the pics... please read... your going to read it anyways after you look.. I would like to bring you all into my world for a short time today... It has taken me 4 months to get past all the tears and the courage to write to you guys about this... I live in Anchorage AK. I was going to Mc D's for some dinner. I live about 5min away. The time was about 2am on a Saturday. On the way back there is 1 intersection which has 2 lanes for turning left. I pulled up to it and it was red... I was in the right lane... Grabbed a few fries and ....scrrrrrrttt... a 2006ish f-150 crew cab pulled up next to me in the left lane... he wanted to race me.... and started trying< to intimidate me... By this time everyone in his truck was giving me a the bird b/c I was not in the mood and knew he didn't stand a chance... not to mention WE WERE IN THE TURNING LANE!! I figured I would straighten up then go... This is where the problem must be explained before I get to the big bang... Imagine going around this turn with me... at the corner of the opposite side is a sidewalk and a 14ft wall... that's it... so the light turned green.... what would any smart person do at this point....Mind you there was no traffic... just me and them... WAIT! and what did they do... they stomped it and stopped in the middle of the intersection waiting for me... I was rolling laughing at this point... and took off at a normal speed... Once I got going made it around him and he romps it... Hits my left side near the tire. Where does that leave me?? You guessed it... the wall... Total loss... As for the Insurance.... Magna Charger... they wanted to give me $300 for... So what would any man do with this item.... That's right... take it off and let them keep the $300.. That's what I did... Anyone want to buy what I have? lol just some fyi... the truck would still start after the crash... and the reason it was total loss was b/c it bent the frame...
  9. Ok, I thought we could play the 3 word story game. Basically it works that each person adds 3 words to the last persons post, and you just keep a long long story going.. Heres the wikipedia definition: Three word story is a game in which a story is built by multiple people, who use three words each turn. It is a common favorite of forum gamers, since it is easy to explain and play in a linear, structured fashion. An example game goes as follows: * A fat man... * ... walked into a... * ... SSS and it... * ... was very painful... Punctuation is usually very uncommon in textual variants. The segmented nature of the story makes it easy to create seemingly-random plot twists that are only tangentially related to the last three words. Anyways, I'll start it off: One time, In...
  10. I was in your shoes about 3 months ago... I went with the Radix. I wouldn't want to drive without one now. Brings out a new beast in the truck. This was my first engine upgrade I have ever done to anything. It's a very simple kit and directions are ok.. (was missing something about pluggin in a fuse). You can find that on the forum somewhere. The first time you put your foot to the gas.. you'll know.. money well spent... justin
  11. I went ahead with loading the Superchips tune back in... but, completly lost the custom tune. It only saves the stock tune.. can't reprogram it.. Only advice I can give anyone that is thinking about a custom tune... save your money and buy the wideband 02 before you tune it... and use the same as your tuner will be using I wasn't aware of the gas problem until i got here... It solved the problem by loading the Superchip tune back in... runs really smooth now. I did notice some power loss though... justin
  12. I'm thinking that could work... and I should be able to save the modified tune on the Superchip tuner... That should be correct? ? Alaska doesn't have 92 gas period... unless it's at the track or something... justin
  13. I'm kind of new to all of this... I just got to Alaska and put about 4k miles on the brand new Radix... Only other thing I did was a custom tune... Which made a big difference in power. I started noticing a tick tick tickin noise right past Seattle... also the same time I can remember not being able to get 92 octane gas... maybe just the wrong gas stations... I did stock up on octane boost. Which I used on 3 full tanks @ 90. I pulled over the first time I heard it. I did everything I could think of, put it in park, 1st gear with brake on... The only time it would tick.. was when I was going down the highway. It's not constant, only when I get on it alittle. i.e. passing. Could this be caused by the Gas... or something worse? Should I just dump the SuperChip tune back in? Also before Ben or anyone else gets on the soap box... My next purchase will be a wideband 02 scaner or something like that. thanks, Justin
  14. ext cab, it was a sweet setup... I'm not exactly sure but, I think he said he was running 42lb of boost?? Also he said he would have caught me if I would have kept going. Don't quote me yet... I'll ask him tomorrow for better details and pics.
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