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  1. zippy

    1/8 Mile Times

    You're missing that those times are full of s**t. A [email protected] the 1/8 mile would put you around 11.6 in the 1/4 mile. That Bully Dog tuner must be also a progressive nitrous controller with a 250-300 shot.
  2. I'm going to try to update everything this weekend. Post up if you want your stuff updated.
  3. zippy


    It is still there at the top of the page. I'll try to update it this week.
  4. Cam choice for my Bronco LSX swap, I would be utilizing for off-road,sand dunes, and street driven. I want the best cam choice for my set up. Please provide cam specs, stall, gears etc. that would suit me the best for my purposes. I did have a 224/224 on my SS clone which worked perfect for that application, not sure if that cam will do for a 4X4 on 35's.

  5. I know this is a bit late on my reply to this posting, but I'll say congrats on here as I did on the phone when you ran this time. I've said for years that the TVS2300 has more than enough kick to it to get these times and yet I see time after time that people try to get there by making their setup over complicated and for no reason. More will eventually follow the 10 second number, but I don't see it being common. Along with many mistakes I see to much of the idea for over camming and over boosting. Well done Randy...
  6. The Jet and Granateli sensors are stock sensors with fancy stickers on them. There is no real gain in changing them. I would go into the long answer of it, but basically leave the stocker in there.
  7. With yours being an LQ4 you should be plenty fine with the stock gakets. The LQ4 has plenty of valve relief so you should be plenty fine. Just call the dealer with your vin and order the stock gaskets.
  8. I'm hoping to make it to one of these soon myself. I run NT05 315/35R20's in the rear and 275/40R20's in the front and will soon be switching to 315/35R20 NT05R's because as much as I love burnouts I need a bit more sticky. If you're power level isn't massive though I would recommend checking into the Hankook ST or also listed as RH06 depending on where you buy them. They have a high speed rating with a load rating as high or higher than factory which is important depending on the tire store will be a big deal. I ran those tires for years and with the suspension working in your favor you can get very good 60' times out of it.
  9. There are alot of options, mostly depending on budget. I would either go with a set of Trick Flow 225's or PRC 237's with chambers setup to be around 63-64cc. From there I would order a set of Cometic gaskets in .041" thickness at 4.000 bore for the gain in compression. The cathedral port heads make great power if done well, but compression will be very important in making them work since you need more cam with them than a rectangle port cylinder head. If you do that with a cam such as an MS3 or Torquer V2 and a very good flowing intake (and 102mm TB) such as a Holley High Ram, Victor Jr, or Fast LSx (car version) you should have a mid 12 capable truck with a 4000 range stall. Another way to go would be to use an LS3 port style head such as a Trick Flow 255, GMPP CNC LS3, or PRC 255. With those heads I would recommend a Holley High Ram, Fast LSx (ported only), GM LS3, or Victor Jr. (with plate to bolt 102mm throttle body directly to it). If you do the LS3 type of heads you will keep the chambers around 68cc to keep the piston to valve clearance as high as possible by avoiding milling at all costs. All three heads listed flow massive numbers and part of this is with big valves which can hit the LQ9 pistons which have no valve relief's if you aren't carefull. Running a cam similar to the 281LRR HR13 (231/247) will get you the power band you'll need to also get into the mid 12's. The rectangle port has the shot at making more power, but carefully done both will be very strong. The 4L80E will slow the truck a bit, but the taller first gear will help in keeping tire spin down.
  10. I would recommend a set of 80lb deka's also although you will have plenty of room with them if you have the tune correct. The sidemount Whipple will give big dreams of power, but without the power. You will make a very decent 500RWHP or just over if you push it, but you will run out of blower very quick. The ideal pump would be a 450 Walbro, but the problem is the fuel pressure regulator which is in the fuel pump module will have a hard time keeping up with it and may give you a high pressure at idle as a result. With a good tuner though you can get around that and still make for good power and driveability. The returnless systems (which actually have a return... It's just in the tank) can be difficult for making big power. I would put it on the list to change over to a standard return style system with a nice return regulator running off the fuel rails.
  11. That is quite strange. I don't remember if you had a pcm sent to you or not, but if I sent you one my first question would be did you do the crank learn? With a crank learn not performed the pcm can pick up a faulse missfire condition and turn off the a/c as a result. You may have to have someone scan it to see if it is speed only related, or rpm, or pressure, or... Let me know if there is anything I can do on my side.
  12. Best boosted sensor for the Holley intake is the LS9/LSA map sensor. The only way it will be an issue is if you have the wrong tuner. The wiring info is available online or as an adapter from Casper electronics. BTW, who in the hell told you the SSS pcm doesn't support a 3 bar map?
  13. zippy


    Both phone numbers are me. I have two phones on me all through the day.
  14. I assume you aren't aware that he already has one. The 4.8L, 5.3L, 5.7L, and 6.0L use the same pump. There is no difference. If you go to a dealer and give them a vin for an LS6 powered Corvette and a vin for an SS truck or 4.8L truck for that matter they are the same part number. The LS6 thing is a marketing tool when actually they are the same part including part number. If you want to buy a pump buy a Melling 10295 or 10296. Anything else is pretty much a stock replacement of what the truck already came with.
  15. The driver side valve cover on the SS's don't have a pcv valve stock. The earlier one's had a fixed orifice valve which actually had no valve in it at all and the newer valve covers basically have that built into the valve cover. Since backfires are a thing of the past the need for a valve wasn't there anymore and the fixed orifice pcv became the way to go for a consistant amount of air coming in for the idle circuit. If boosted you need to make some changes. If you have the type with the removable piece simply order a pcv valve for a 2000 or so camaro and install it in place of the fixed orifice piece. Once in boost the valve will close and not allow boost into the crankcase where as stock it would just take boost from the intake and fill it up until it pushed the valve cover out. If you have a valve cover with the fixed piece you need to either add in an inline pcv valve (many are available) or replace the valve cover for a type to install a normal valve into. Make sure to check the passenger side also. The hose from the passenger side valve cover should go to the air intake side of the supercharger and not to the throttle body or intake manifold. Left stock this will also quickly fill the crankcase with pressure.
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