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  1. So Im contemplating putting my 05 AWD silverbirch SS with 66k up for sale.... only mods are Wheatley tune,intake and corsa exhaust along with 22 wheel. Last 8 years has been weekend only drives occasionally. Not even sure what the relative value would be realistically other then what KBB days and I dont go by that. Been a member for a long time and trust the opinions of people that might still be around on here. Let me know what you think.
  2. 63k and change not real sure as it's been awhile since driving it
  3. Well I ended up with new plugs and wires and a fuel/air induction service not too cheap but I'm the first to admit im not very mechanically inclined nor do I have the time so it was worth the money and quick turnaround as I needed to get it inspected for my fix it ticket... Thanks for all the input because it at least gave me insight into what they were suggesting measured up to what everyone said...thanks again
  4. I appreciate all the input I should mention it does have a fresh tank of gas as last month I filled it up with fresh gas...it's at a shop currently so will see what they suggest and use all I was told here to go from there...thanks again
  5. No havent driven the truck more then 100 miles in the last few years...was thinking that might be the issue
  6. So of course I go to get my truck inspected and it fails at the last second for the above mentioned code. What makes the matter worse is I got a few fix it tickets a month ago and have court in the morning to resolve the issues. Pretty sure I can get an extension on the proof of inspection but does anyone know what I might be looking at for the problem. Again the code was P0300 and description was "random/multi cylinder misfire detected... Any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. I carry a spare tire but don't have the jack to remove it or change a tire, guess I might as well get rid of the tire as well!
  8. I'm at 61,000 and might have put 2,000 on it in 4 years since buying the DD
  9. My SS barely sees the light of day except for a good wash and occasional cruise on nice days... My daily is a 2012 mazda 6 seeing how I drive almost 500 miles a week and gas would kill me in my truck... And seeing how I have put maybe a 1000 miles on my truck in 4 years I'd say it helps keep the mileage down too.
  10. Mine might be for sale soon, still weighing my options
  11. I have the identical U2 55's with the 305 40 22 and they look good, just started to pit some when I get the cash will be going to something different.
  12. Yeah been here since '05 but might just be getting close to selling...trying to resist the urge
  13. I'm sorry to hear another is possibly gone, ill never forget when I realized that my truck had been stolen...got lucky and found the next day with not too much damage but its still the first thing i think of when I hear these stories...good luck in finding it
  14. Reminds me a lot of the old Eagle 026'S you used to see a lot on these trucks
  15. It is time to get rid ofmy old 22's and I'm leaning towards going back to the 22" reps to look more original but came across these wheels and was wondering what people thought about them. They are Menzari Z09 never really heard about them but I do like the looks. If it matters I'm stock height still and silver birch
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