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  1. Fuel Pump Hot Wire Kit for 99-02 Firebird and Camaro (and '03 and '04 return AND returnless style trucks) This is/was a DIRECT plug-N-play harness for my '03 Silverado SS fuel system (return style). Did not have to cut or splice a single wire. SUPER easy to install, takes only about an hour, you don't even have to remove the tank. This harness plugged right in to all the factory connectors, again, no cutting or splicing. I no longer need this harness as i have completely rebuilt my fuel system and the new system came with its own wiring. Works 100% fine, just removed it yesterday. This may and probably will work on other vehicles but i cannot say for sure. wkdivr has this exact same harness on his '04 GMC Sierra returnless truck and it fit his with no cutting or splicing either. $35 shipped (add 3% for paypal fees if using paypal) Info for this harness can be found at http://www.fullthrottlespeed.com/itemdesc....c=717LS1HOTWIRE &eq=&Tp= (info taken from fullthrottlespeed.com website) Fits cars with plastic tank only! Voltage is what makes your fuel pump, pump. More voltage = more fuel, less voltage = less fuel. In our testing a change from 13 to 12 volts on a Walbro pump will reduce fuel pump delivery by 20%! The stock wiring is barely good enough for the stock pump but when you add a high performance pump it is not up to the task since current demands go up quite a bit and in some cases they double. Enter our Hot Wire Kit. We pull the power from the back of the alternator where voltage is highest and then route it to the back of the car using heavy duty 10 gauge wire for maximum power and minimum drop. We also use factory style sealed connectors and a weather sealed 40 amp relay for "plug and play", no wire cutting installation. We also provide for additional ground connections for maximum performance since that needs an upgrade as well.
  2. It's for sale guys, please spread the word. $15,500 with only 43k miles. priced to sell fast. http://charlotte.craigslist.org/cto/4283257147.html Please only very serious inquiries. I'm located just South of Charlotte in Indian Land / Fort Mill SC area. I'm selling my '03 SS which is in show car condition, garage kept and adult owned. Serious inquiries only. Only 43,000 miles! I have invested thousands upon thousands of dollars and just as many man hours in this truck. You really must see it to appreciate it. Front and rear differentials have new Amsoil fluid. Transmission has new GM trans fluid and the transfer case also has new GM trans fluid. Engine oil was just changed with Mobile 1 gold cap. The leather in this truck is LIKE NEW, PERFECT. I use Zaino leather conditioner on it constantly and it shows. Interior is a 10! Paint and body 9.5! Truck was in an accident back in 2007, I hit a tree and caused damage to the front passenger side bumper, quarter, and door. This was fixed properly and everything is 100% straight. I have the title free and clear in my possession. The title is NOT salvage or R title. Truck is heavily modified and not under any warranty. Exhaust is very loud and not recommended for a daily commuter. Victory Red - 6.0L LQ9 Generation 3 V8 (364 cu. in.) Performance: • Magnacharger M122HH Intercooled Supercharger w/ 2.8" pulley (9psi) • 60# Injectors • Riechard Racing blower pulley • Custom grind Comp Cam (218º/224º .563"/.568" 114ºlsa) • SLP ported Oil Pump (55001 -- Heavy Duty) • Crane Double Roller Timing Gear Set (CRN-144984-1) • PRC double valve springs, Titanium Spring Retainers, & Chromemoly Pushrods • AMW Catch Can • Airaid cold air intake • 90mm Throttle body conversion from West Coast Cylinder Heads • MSD 8.8mm wires • NGK TR6 spark plugs • Dynatech long tube headers • Custom dual Magnaflow Race mufflers and X-pipe by 1st Try Engineering • Transgo HD2 shift kit w/ billet & Corvette servos, drilled seperator plate, metal accumulator piston • Baer 6 piston calipers and 15inch rotors in front • Baer Alumasport big brake kit in rear (14inch rotors, Baer calipers, hawk performance pads) • Earl's steel braided brake lines (5 line kit) • Yank TT2600 Torque Converter • Magnavolt fuel pump voltage booster for in-line pump • 2 Walbro 255lph fuel pumps in tank by Lonnie's Performance • '05 GM electric fans w/ Nelson Harness • 100mm Idler pulleys from Metco • B&M 70274 Supercooler Transmission cooler 29,0000BTU • Fluidyne Heat exchanger relocated to behind the front airdam • Pinned crank pulley • 160deg thermostat • Auto Meter Lunar series gauges (boost, fuel pressure, airfuel ratio) in A-pillar pod. • Interceptor Scan Gauge • Innovate LC-1 Wideband and XD-16 gauge • SoCal Diesel gauge pod with switches (switch 1 for e-fans, switch 2 for backup camera) • HPTuners software for custom pcm tuning (2bar, speed density, open loop) • Tranny, front & rear diff's filled with Amsoil Suspension & Styling: • SS floor mats from Georgia Rug Masters • Chip Foose Speedster 22inch chrome wheels • Baer 6 Piston brake calipers and 15" brake rotors (front) - Baer Alumasports (rear) • Pirelli Scorpion tires 305/45R22 • Belltech suspension (spindles, leaf hangers, and shackles) & 2* shims (lowered 3" front, 4" rear) • Edelbrock IAS shocks • Hotchkis Performance Sway Bars • BSER Custom Roll Pan w/ hidden hitch • Polished with Zaino and Adam's products Audio/Video: • Boss 200amp alternator • Stinger 1500D Battery • Alpine IVA-D310 DVD/MP3/CD/XM Head unit • Alpine TUE-T151 TV tuner • Alpine TME-M710 6.5" monitor custom molded into the dash • Alpine NVE-N872A GPS Navigation • Power Acoustik CCD-2 backup camera • JL Audio XR650CSi components w/ xovers in front doors • Diamond Audio D661s components w/ xovers in kick panels • Kicker 05DS46 4X6 speakers in rear doors • JL Audio 300/4 amp running all mids and highs • Kicker S12L7 Solobaric subwoofer • JL Audio 1000/1 amp running subwoofer • All Stinger and Tsunami wiring throughout • Dynamat Xtreme throughout
  3. Holty

    Holty's 2003 Silverado SS - FOR SALE

    Ok guys, thank you ALL so very much for the kind words. This is a tough day for me. The truck is sold.
  4. Holty

    Holty's 2003 Silverado SS - FOR SALE

    Guys, thank you so much for all the kind words. I does break my heart to sell this truck but it just sits in the garage as I have no time for it anymore and its time to move on to other projects. Jovanny, i replied to your PM. Oh, make sure you click on the craigslist ad there are more pictures of it there. I've had a TON of interest in the truck and i cannot hold it for anyone, first come first serve. Thanks.
  5. Holty

    Holty's 2003 Silverado SS - FOR SALE

    Thanks guys, i appreciate the comments. This is a a rough thing for me to do, this truck has my blood, sweat, and tears invested in it. Not to mention a crazy amount of money and endless help from friends putting it all together.
  6. Holty

    Holty's 2003 Silverado SS - FOR SALE

    Thanks Brad, need to sell it quick. I hate taking a beating like this on the price but it just sits in the garage need to move on.
  7. Holty

    Returning to forums after few months MIA

    welcome back brother
  8. Holty

    JL audio stealthbox...anybody have one?

    I used to have the Stealthbox that went under the back seat and housed a single 10w6. it worked great and looked fantastic but just didnt hit hard enough for my liking. i did post pictures a few years ago they should be around here somewheres.
  9. Holty


    its acutally a company phone, i dont technically own a personal cell phone so i didnt have a choice
  10. Holty


    it seems its only for android or iphones, you dont sign up at the website, you have to have the "app" on your phone? i have a crappy blackberry so looks like no instagram for me
  11. Holty


    I dont really understand the point of instagram. I'm sure i'm just missing it because i know a lot of people use it, but it does not make sense to me. You post a picture on there, and it shows up on Facebook or Twitter, or wherever right? Why not just post the picture directly to Facebook or Twitter?
  12. Anyone want to trade there stock SSS steering wheel + some cash for my Grant? Here is the info on the Grant wheel: http://www.grantproducts.com/products/view/532/ I'm interested in only stock GM steering wheels from an SSS that is in PERFECT, 100% mint condition, leather must be perfect. Here are pics of the Grant installed on my SSS.
  13. Holty

    Grant steering wheel for trade

    Not sure what you're saying here? If you're saying you should have "dibs" than you would, except that the other guys PM'd me first. The wheel is gone now though, thanks guys. Millersss is the winner/buyer/trader.
  14. Holty

    Grant steering wheel for trade

    just got online, returning PM's now guys, thanks.
  15. Holty

    Grant steering wheel for trade

    so far i have several pm's of people who are interested, but no cash or pictures have made it to me yet. here is the order in which i recieved pm's idahoBLKss Millersss
  16. Holty

    Grant steering wheel for trade

    Guys, before PM'ing me i need a picture or two showing the condition of your wheel. I need to see the leather and verify its perfect.
  17. Holty

    Grant steering wheel for trade

    post pics, we can probably work out a deal
  18. Holty

    OEM Wheels vs Replicas?

    you or anyone else will ever be able to tell the difference between the OEM and the replicas, unless you look at the backside of the wheel, the finish is slightly different.
  19. Holty

    1:13am she came!!

    Congratulations, i will never forget the night my first son was born. You're life has just changed in so many ways you wont even realize it for another year or so.
  20. Joe, again , i'm very sorry about this, i'm sure the kids were probably shaken up over it and i'm sure you're furious. Can you post pics of how they got in your truck? Did they just stick a slim jim down between the window and the door and unlock it?
  21. Damn Joe sorry to here about this, but i'm confused, how did you find your stuff exactly? and you called the police and told them where your stuff is and they told you to kick rocks? i dont follow?
  22. Wow, i'm really really sorry to see this happen. Nothing much i can really say or do to help the situation but i'm glad you are moving on quickly and not giving up on your goals. I highly doubt it, but i wonder if there is any way to ever really find out what started the fire? Does anyone have info on that recall that i can show my dealer here in the states to see if they will warranty mine?
  23. Holty

    305-40-22 Tire Pressure

    35psi on my 305/40-22 Pirelli scorpions - great tires.
  24. Hello Everyone, This is just a friendly reminder that the "How To" forum is not a place to ask questions. It is not a place to ask for help. It is not a place to request a "How To". This forum is meant only for members who wish to post the specific steps to complete a project or modification of some sort. Think of it as the "sticky" section. All posts in here could potentially be a "sticky" that is put up for all to read and gain information on how to do something to there SS. So, from here on out, please only post in this section if you have directions on how to do a modification, complete a task, or steps to take to resolve a problem. Thanks.