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  1. Ok guys, thank you ALL so very much for the kind words. This is a tough day for me. The truck is sold.
  2. Guys, thank you so much for all the kind words. I does break my heart to sell this truck but it just sits in the garage as I have no time for it anymore and its time to move on to other projects. Jovanny, i replied to your PM. Oh, make sure you click on the craigslist ad there are more pictures of it there. I've had a TON of interest in the truck and i cannot hold it for anyone, first come first serve. Thanks.
  3. Thanks guys, i appreciate the comments. This is a a rough thing for me to do, this truck has my blood, sweat, and tears invested in it. Not to mention a crazy amount of money and endless help from friends putting it all together.
  4. Thanks Brad, need to sell it quick. I hate taking a beating like this on the price but it just sits in the garage need to move on.
  5. It's for sale guys, please spread the word. $15,500 with only 43k miles. priced to sell fast. http://charlotte.craigslist.org/cto/4283257147.html Please only very serious inquiries. I'm located just South of Charlotte in Indian Land / Fort Mill SC area. I'm selling my '03 SS which is in show car condition, garage kept and adult owned. Serious inquiries only. Only 43,000 miles! I have invested thousands upon thousands of dollars and just as many man hours in this truck. You really must see it to appreciate it. Front and rear differentials have new Amsoil fluid. Transmissi
  6. I used to have the Stealthbox that went under the back seat and housed a single 10w6. it worked great and looked fantastic but just didnt hit hard enough for my liking. i did post pictures a few years ago they should be around here somewheres.
  7. its acutally a company phone, i dont technically own a personal cell phone so i didnt have a choice
  8. it seems its only for android or iphones, you dont sign up at the website, you have to have the "app" on your phone? i have a crappy blackberry so looks like no instagram for me
  9. I dont really understand the point of instagram. I'm sure i'm just missing it because i know a lot of people use it, but it does not make sense to me. You post a picture on there, and it shows up on Facebook or Twitter, or wherever right? Why not just post the picture directly to Facebook or Twitter?
  10. Not sure what you're saying here? If you're saying you should have "dibs" than you would, except that the other guys PM'd me first. The wheel is gone now though, thanks guys. Millersss is the winner/buyer/trader.
  11. just got online, returning PM's now guys, thanks.
  12. so far i have several pm's of people who are interested, but no cash or pictures have made it to me yet. here is the order in which i recieved pm's idahoBLKss Millersss
  13. Guys, before PM'ing me i need a picture or two showing the condition of your wheel. I need to see the leather and verify its perfect.
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