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  1. No. You would need gaskets, coolant reservoir, intake tube, and some random odds and ends. I have most of the required pulleys if someone wanted them but it's a little more than just a bolt on. I would. Pm me. I'll put you down as in line. sorry it sold already on pt.net I picked these up from Supersub and never used them. I think they're shorties with an EV6 connnection. Have to check for sure. Pm me what you'd like to pay.
  2. Well it's come time to clean out the garage after a long divorce and loss of interest in my project, I'm moving on and selling off all my parts I've accumulated. Prices do not include shipping. First in a Magnacharger MP122 for 05-06 gto. I had planned on running this on an LQ4 but things never worked out. Whats included is the MP122 head unit which has 0 miles on it since receiving it back from magnacharger for the 122 upgrade. It has overdriven rears and 7 pulleys. Parts included are magnacharger valley cover, new bosch coolant pump with harness, new magnavolt with all hardware, two tensioners and two belts, and heat exchanger. $3300 LEP stage 1 maggie cam 5k miles SOLD Siemens S107 injectors 500 miles $200 90mm 4 bolt cable throttle body SOLD Z06 Brake brackets for 99-07 classic $150 Autometer boost gauge $25 Autometer sport comp boost gauge SOLD Autometer sport comp electric fuel pressure gauge SOLD New pacesetter coated headers and ypipe (72C2265) $475 shipped Painted handles $40 EV6 to EV1 connectors $25 New from 5-0 motorsports EV6 Female to Multec Male for trucks $65
  3. Prices updated on heads and alpine!
  4. Not sure if this is still for sale or not http://www.performancetrucks.net/forums/gm-parts-classifieds-23/magnuson-magnacharger-mp112-supercharger-487141/
  5. GM headbolts 45 shipped New TSP 7.400 pushrods 100 shipped Sold New Walbro 255 125 shipped Sold ARP rod bolts 65 shipped Sold New TSP 233/239 .595/.603 113lsa 300 shipped Sold TBSS intake with bolts, rails and throttle body 250 shipped Sold Volant intake with scoop for SS 350 shipped Sold New Spectre CAI with free AEM dry flow filter 145 shipped Sold
  6. So I sold the truck about a month ago and I've been gathering parts for a while. I guess it's time to get rid of some stuff. All prices shipped are to the lower 48, pm me if you have any questions. First is a new set of TSP stage 2.5 ls6 heads they've been milled .020 1350 shipped New LC1 with blue gauge 165 shipped Sold New ls9 cam Sold Ls3 springs still for sale50 shipped Sold Alpine Iva-w505 comes with pac OS-2bose, pac swi-jack, and tr7 to allow for dvd playback while driving 450 shipped Hptuners standard with 4 credits left 300 shipped Sold
  7. I've got HPtuners I'd be willing to sell.
  8. I've got a volant if you're interested, has the SS scoop too.
  9. I'm about 90 miles from lubbock thinking about selling my 2006 SS Vic Red. Let me know if you're interested has about 66k miles now.
  10. You should probably still get a new cam!
  11. Wow I really need to unload my 122 and get this! Free bump!
  12. I would replace the SS with this! Wish GM would make it! http://www.fastlaneturbo.com/images/view.aspx?productId=1672
  13. Here's a cheaper yet similar option you may want to check out. I really like those RBP grilles! Not for 845 though!
  14. Check out ls1gto.com converting to dual intank seems to be the norm over there. I'm considering a surge tank for my build but Idk yet.
  15. Texas Speed FTW! Those guys are always helpful. I got a chance to talk to Jason and Trevor at the Texas mile and the night before at SAR. They'll continue to get my business that's for sure.
  16. ^^^^^ What they said. It's called a fuel manifold. About 50 bucks last time I had to buy one.
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