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  1. All ebay auctions... High stall converter (trailblazer stock type 2400-2600) starting at $40 or $120 buy it now. L92 carb style intake drilled for fuel injection. Started at $250. Trailblazer 90mm throttle body. Started at $100 with $200 buy it now. $100 porting option if winner wants it. Adapter flange from intakeelbows.com for 90mm throttle body and intake listed above. Started at $20 with buy it now at $75. Dr. X wiring harness adapter for 90mm throttle body above. Never used. Will control Corvette style, or Trailblazer style with the bypass wire (included). Started at $100 with $150 buy it now. K&N drop in filter for 99-06. Used only a month or so until I made a tubular intake. Been sitting in garage ever since. Started at $10.
  2. That's a good way to get started and exactly what I did for a couple of months before making any major changes to my truck too. I had an advantage of starting out with a PCM4LESS tune (he doesn't lock them) so all I had to do was pull a few degrees of timing in cruise cells (knock was all over the place even on 93 octane). Even if a question has been asked several times, ask again on here and on HPT forums as methods change over time and you may have read an outdated method from the archives. Good luck! For those asking to see tunes, I'm looking into my database backups to see if I can find Chris's tunes. I've reimaged my laptop a couple of times since then, but I think I still have them somewhere. His brother's tunes I do not have since we never used my laptop on that one (used his bro's girlfriend's laptop). ...and to those that emailed me, no, I never charged for a tune to either of them. Chris and Brian split the purchase of the HPT 3 ways with me (I bought some extra licenses myself) and we were sharing. I've not seen the tuner since just after the failure of Brian's car and ended up buying my own HPTuner. The cost of not being blamed for their failures I guess. The plan with Chris's truck was explained, pull timing and get logs to Frank. With Brian's car, the plan was to make 2 or 3 "half passes" and make any needed spark/fuel changes if it went lean or had a KR, then make 2 or 3 full pulls and get the logs to someone to make a full tune. His car never went lean (was running 9:1 with the sniffer at the TAIL PIPE with full cats! That's SUPER fat fueling. The car blew a piston about 4000-4500 RPM on the second run. I never claimed to be a professional tuner, especially with FI, and only know the basics of pulling spark where it knocks, remove TM, and how to run E85 (long after we tuned their vehicles).
  3. Wow, I never knew this thread even happened or knew Chris felt this way about my tunes. I never claimed to be a tuner and only knew the basics. The plan for both Chris and Brian was to make a few changes to remove spark and to send logs off for Frank to email new tunes. That was it! The tune in Chris' truck was a Frank tune from when Frank installed his supercharger. What I modified was REMOVING spark from "tip-in" cruise cells so that Chris could drive the thing without spark retard and knock on the highway. No WOT was being done AT ALL!!! NONE!!! No shift speeds, no throttle settings, nothing else. All WOT/VE/Spark was as Frank had set it. Frank even made mention that he liked the direction I was going to remove knock. The next tunes were supposed to be emailed from Frank to make more changes and to my knowledge that may or may not have happened prior to the blow up. Brian's car blew up on the 2nd full pull on the dyno. We pulled timing out all over the place trying to make it avoid KR, removed .5% of fuel out at 6000 RPM (because it went waaaaaaay fat to 9:1) and it blew up at 4500. It never went lean, never hit KR, never got a chance to really make any adjustments. He had installed an FMU (made for pumping up pressure to the stock injectors) plus had installed 42# injectors! Fueling was all over the place and I told Brian that I thought the FMU was a mistake. It obviously was. The transmissions in my truck were not the fault of a tune. The stock trans lasted 66,000 miles, about 43K of that without any TQ management what so ever from a PCMFORLESS tune minus some timing. The junkyard trans had a blockage of oil to the rear output shaft bearing, which cooked it and broke a couple of hard parts. The third trans is not in danger of going out, it mearly broke an accumulator and shifts hard going into second on a transmission that has a modified pump for higher pressure on a stock trans tune. I'm sorry Chris that you felt this way to post something like this once I sold my SS. My reply is not to argue with you because you and Brian feel bad about what happened, nor to reopen old wounds... rather, I just had to post my side again to what I believe happened. You did do good work on my truck and for a more than reasonable price and I appreciated it. I simply can not believe that you held this in for that long if that's the way you truly feel. We were friends, at least I thought we were, and you never said anything about it. I could have helped you both work on your car/truck along the way, even if I never touched your tunes again. I still know how to spin wrenches and fetch beers/tools... Now I know why I wasn't ever invited to the GTG's. See you around. By the way, the guy that owns my truck now needs a new remote for the alarm he thinks (stops working sometimes). I'm sending him your way Chris. I saw him at Elite and I told him he needed to come see you and your truck and that he would never go to Elite again.
  4. I play guitar a little bit. I play a couple of Huntington Lace guitars (strat copies). One with the stock Lace pickups (modern strat sound) and the other with the Huntington Holy Grail pickups for cleaner sound at higher gains (nice quack too). I played my dad's 1972 sunshine yellow strat in jr high jazz band (jr high was 24 years ago), but hadn't played at all until last year when I got the first Huntington for my birthday. It's been fun relearning everything... Thank God for youtube backing tracks and lessons!!! I think I want a Jackson or Dean next for that heavy metal sound! CHUG CHUG digga CHUG! I've written a few licks here/there, but no entire songs yet.
  5. That's how every good Darwin Award winning story starts out right there!
  6. Congrats Chris! It's awesome to see your truck in pictures, but it's simply amazing in person... and beyond that, it's even MORE AMAZING when you realize that he drives it EVERYWHERE for work, play, etc. Every time I stop in to American, Chris is always gone on some cross country training thing, vacation, or something else. I've never seen a truck with as many miles look as nice. You truly deserve it!
  7. Believe what you like. Custom CAI cost me $15 in materials I already had in the garage, plus $40 for the filter, $390 shipped for a bellmouth down pipe and 3" mid pipe combo, $70 for a manual boost controller, $50 shipped used for a BCD. Running 18 psi, it ran 302 HP to the wheels (with NO correction factor) and is starting to run out of fuel. Next mod is to replace the fuel pump with another one and pull the stock air/air TMIC for an air/water unit and that will be it. I'm not sure what your problem is with me, or if I offended you in some way, but I appologize. You never had anything bad to say at the Iowa meet at Chris' house...
  8. I never got around to making the truck fast, just never pulled the trigger. Had plenty of parts in the garage though that someone here will hopefully put to use to pull 550 or so crank HP NA. Should be a fun time. Not 11's, but I'll bet it won't blow the exhaust off of the truck at full throttle either! My truck was the slowest vehicle I've ever owned, and the last 6 months were the least reliable. Still loved it and would still be driving it if it would have been more practical. The ONLY tuning I/We did on Chris's truck was to pull timing OUT so that he could drive the damn thing without going into 6-8* of spark knock in cruise cells and on tip in. The main tune was done prior to that by Frank when Frank installed his SC. Chris' truck had spark knock all over the place. We pulled timing out so that Chris could drive it at cruise on the interstate without spark knock and get with Frank and send him log files so that FRANK could tune it again. Frank said he liked where we were going with the tune... I didn't, because the spark maps were STILL higher than stock on a FI vehicle. First time I've ever seen that much spark on FI, but it wasn't mine to toy with. I never worked on his tune again and his truck downshfted when it wasn't supposed to and threw a rod a few weeks later. Again, Brian's car we did a similar thing and pulled spark so that it would stay out of spark knock on a street tune, then met later to try to get the fueling close enough on the dyno that he could send logs out for someone to make a good initial tune from. Brian's fuel was all over the place because he installed an FMU that was still configured for stock LS1 injectors, PLUS 42# injectors!!! His A/F ratio was in the 9:1 area on a first partial pull to 4000 rpm or so, puking black smoke. Something wasn't right on that motor combination as it only laid down HP/TQ numbers that it was when it was NA. We leaned it out by 1% and made another partial run and it nosed over at 5,000 or so RPM if I remember right... It still had 10:1 A/F, which anyone will tell you is still waaaaaaay rich, but totally took a crap on one piston. Never got to make a full pull. Also, NEVER tuned a TBSS. Ever. Someone's been feeding you stories. I ported a throttle body for that friend of Chris's though. By the time I worked on it, he had already had it tuned by a handheld and cooked a few trannies, so we couldn't tell if it was the TB initially. It ended up being a bad TPS and he replaced the TB with a new stock one, then blew another tranny, then sold the vehicle. I offered to refund his money on the ported TB and he said don't worry about it, it was gone and someone else's problem now. As for the Cobalt vs MS3 debate, I concede. From Edmunds.com you are faster by a whole tenth on different tracks on different days. It's not a driver's race at all. baaaaahahahahahaha! It's to late to race stock for stock anyway. I guess I'll just have to somehow make due with 300+ wheel HP that I already have for less than $700 in mods.
  9. Yeah, I've had it 2 weeks already. Had some fun with it last night on the interstate and entrance ramps... ran a Talon Tsi, a GTI T, and a BMW 750. All got waxed by the MS3. I know what you mean about roomy too, I'm 6'3" and 235 and don't even have to put the seat all the way back. My wife is 6'1" with longer legs than me and she's even comfortable. I didn't have any pics yet since I was waiting until I put my rims on, but I went and snapped these for you. It's an '08.5 GT without nav, leather with alcantara (or something like that) inserts which grip your body MUCH better than the '07 or '08, auto sensing, tire pressure, etc. The Bose has some weird programming issue where at certain RPM and loads it changes the equilization and drops the mids and bass, but they've got a fix for it and are getting me a reprogrammed head unit. That's where I learned how to pull the head unit to put in my line level adapter.
  10. Edmunds rated them on two different days, but the Cobalt did beat the MS3 in the quarter. The range of magazine test numbers are all over the place on both cars. You want to find out for sure? Bring it on over ,we can run at Newton's 1/8 or run up to Cedar Falls for the quarter. And I assume you know that the previous record around "The Ring" was held by the MS3, right? Did you know the MS3 set the record on a crouded track full of the public driving everything from race cars, bikes, and street cars? And the MS3 set their record with drivers who had never been to the track before? Congrats to the Cobalt on shaving 13 whole seconds off (if I remember right) of the previous record on a TOTALLY empty track. There are several tuning options with the MS3 as well. The HPT will be sold and a tuner will be going on the Mazda most assuredly. It's not the first turbo car I've owned/modified/tuned and it will be fine, just like the SSS was. The last 6 months with tranny issues aside (not tune related)... Sorry, been out of town to be able to respond. The only engine that ever blew up while I was doing the tuning was Brian's (Chris's brother). He had no wideband and the dyno wideband was clear back at the tailpipe (not even close to being accurate to tune an SC LS1). It never went lean according to that wideband reading and never went into KR, we were pulling timing (down to 20 degrees total) and it blew. It never came close to pulling the power that it was capable of and always had a "miss" that we couldn't find. It popped on the first pull to redline (the second pull total), se we didn't ever get a chance to adjust much of anything. If you'd like to discuss it further, we sure can take this offline. Not bashing the Cobalt, just stated the reasons that it's not for me. As for being in riceland, it's not like I bought a baseline Civic and put a fart pipe on it... jeez... Been apart twice so far, no issues. It's not as quick/easy as the SS was to take apart, but I haven't had to buy any clips for the dash/pillars/trim yet like I did half a dozen times for the SS (dash took 2, pillar took 3, and the driver's side kick panel 1). The dang passenger's side A pillar never did stay in right in my truck, even after new clips were put on... that is, until I plumber-putty-ed it into place.
  11. Hey, you sent me a PM about a throttle body and I can't reply because your inbox is full. Hit me with another PM after you empty your inbox.
  12. That's what Paypal and credit cards are for, LOL! I could still meet you halfway, or heck as many times as Chris goes to Chicago, maybe I'll just pay him to drop them off for you on the way. Mine too. I wanted to buy your 22's, but these 20's came up to cheap for me to pass up. Now they're cheap for someone else... heck, I've got 600 just in the rims and that's where it's bidding is at for the rims AND practically brand new 295/45/20 Grabber UHP's!!! OUR PRICES ARE INSANE!!!
  13. Thanks Kevin! I'll have another Chevy someday. I've got to many of GM's engines in the garage and hav had to many in the past to stay away for to long. I think I'm going to be rather basic with the MS3 and instead build a 6.0L carbed rat rod for weekend fun. Something I can build in the garage and not have to worry about finishing and cleaning up before Monday will sure be a change. That's a big negatory on the spanking of either car beating one another stock for stock. High 13's to low 14's from many magazines and driver reports out there. It's a diver's race and the 3 has more low RPM TQ in around town driving from my experience. As far as bolt-ons are concerned, the 3's have more to be uncorked with the basics and can put more HP/TQ down per my $$$ spent. Plus, the Cobalt's interior is pure crap compared to the MS3, pre-redesign or post. I've been researching them for months, and the interior thing is subjective, I know... just not for me I guess.
  14. Watch the next few days as I'll be selling more items too. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAP...E:IT&ih=004 Good luck everyone! It's been great! Edit: Sorry, $600 starting price $1400 Buy it Now price.
  15. I just traded my SSS in on Monday, gave me 10,500 for it and it "booked" at 14K. The dealer flat out told me "We don't want your trade, we're getting backed up on trucks and SUV's already". You'll start to find these things cheaper and cheaper I'm afraid.
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