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  1. I was wonderin what ya'll thought about those superchips. Fixin to get one soon, just wanted to get some input on what the best ones out there would be. I was told Superchips were the way to go, but seemed a bit pricey, and the guy sounded like a jackass and didnt seem to know what he was talkin bout. Any input would help, Thx.
  2. I was lookin to get some headers pretty soon, but are these the best headers for an SS?
  3. That looks nice man, but if I were you i woulda spent the extra 50 bux and went with the dual magnaflows>part#15840. I just got 'em in on my SS and let me just say their ****in awesome . Got it installed & everythin for $825. Definetely wouldnt go with anythin but magnaflow on an SS.
  4. Thats awesome man, its always nice to rape those little chink trucks!
  5. Sounds nice. Looks like Im a go head and go with the magnaflow duals. Try postin a pic tho wiseguy, just wanna see how it looks in the back while im waitin for mine to come in.
  6. That sounds pretty nice, but when you said you cant even hear the exhaust period, that kinda scared me. I wanted a deep ass rumble that sounded badass outside as well as a little rumble inside. Would magnaflow still be the way to go?
  7. That looked damn nice, what'd he use to color that red tho? Cause i figured me and my bud jack daniels could have our selves a nice afternoon doin that ourselves
  8. Yah, ive been leanin towards the magnaflow duals, only thing tho, what size are the pipes in the back? I wanted to get some 4" bastards back there , but not sure if they make 'em that big.
  9. So i take it the corsa exhaust systems sound better than the magnaflow duals? If they do, do they make a dual exhaust system?
  10. Was that sondclip with the supercharger, or without?
  11. That magnaflow single out sounded pretty badass, do they make a dual exit one tho?
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