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  1. Sorry to dig up an old thread... But coming from a AWD SS to a S/C'd Tundra...I just have to lay down my thoughts/opinions... A TRD sticker only means that it has upgraded suspension for offroad use... It has nothing to do with a S/C... As stated, it's an option/accessory.... I miss AWD.... I miss the "captain's chair" seats(although the new body style ruined that..anyways) I do like the factory warranty that is involved with the addition of the S/C on the Tundra.... as well as the gains... I have a Limited 4x4 DC with stock suspension... debadged... and I can't find a SRT, Lighte
  2. I think Atreyu hasn't been recognized enough... They truly are an awesome band... Just not enough recognition to push them to mainstream... The more I listen to them, the more I dig them.... Given that... I completely neglected them with their first album.... since, I've gone and grabbed it.... The drummer makes the band.... amazing talent!!!
  3. Wow!!! That stinks... I guess they had a bad run.. never fails that they have to go and ruin something that's good... Probably some young college grad given power to make bone-head executive decissions, because he thinks they can save money by using cheaper material so that he can be a hero... At least...that's how most recalls happen...LOL I've had mine for about 3 years, but I bought mine with the pen attachment, and have always used it, instead of holding onto the tool... I hung it from my work bench on a nail... I'd hate to go with any other brand, as Dremel tips are abundant and
  4. Not yet.... But intend to make a couple of runs soon.... You hit on one of the things I miss most of the SS...... AWD... I accidentlly spun rocks on someone trying to make my way into traffic from an intersection... I did the right thing and pulled over into a driveway to make sure I didn't jack up their car too much.... But they obviously must have not cared as they just drove on by without even looking my way. Or the traction control kicked in fast enough to not spin them high enough to hit their rig.... At least I do still have 4WD when needed....still miss the AWD though...
  5. Hey!!! that's my truck!!! J/K'in But seriously I did in fact sell out... I hd a M3 that was a garage queen that cost me entirely too much in insurance to just sit...(an 05 with 32k (still under factory warranty).. And getting rid of it left me with just the SS. and it's high mileage, and becoming less and less reliable as I was starting to put money into it, to just keep it going... Diffs..tranny, and tansfer case were getting clunky .... ATT, GM wasn't offering anything I wanted(a NEW body style SS), other than a Denali... and I just had the chance to wheel my buddies' Tundra...
  6. Must be some weird load... looks like a black powder round Surely they had remote zoom on cameras back then(early 80's?), and there isn't an idiot standing in front of his targets?
  7. http://www.dawgbonez.com/Videos/dawgbonez/SS.wmv
  8. Kewl...Thanks To do the whole truck, I would need 2 kits...$450... correct? How well does the HID high beams work when you flash your high beams? It looks like they fire fairly fast, but does it hurt the ballast at all? Is it even recommended to use HID high beams? I know most factory HIDs just use one bulb and rely on a shutter for hi/low... Sorry for the questions, I'm just wondering if I should even bother with HIDs... I live out in the boonies and drive long, dark roads... with the fall/winter weather coming, so do the deer..
  9. I've had bad exsperince with silverstars and their coating burning or chipping off... Athough more exspensive, I'd go with LED.... they last forever(don't burn up), and IMO put off better color, wether you're wanting orange or white...or well... whatver color you want.... I get mine from these cats...currently using the 30 LED SMT Tower...great people to deal with... http://autolumination.com/3157_3156.htm Their Silver Vision bulbs are a bit better quality than the Silverstars as well, for those that don't like the amber... I would use LED for those as well, but I haven't figure
  10. Do these kits come with high beam ballast and bulbs as well? Can I keep my hi/low harness that I currently use to have my low beams stay on when using high beams? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/03-CHEVY-SI...emZ380065702333 Thanks
  11. My bad, I thought it was lagging at the beginning of the first pull, and just sutomatically thought it was a turbo.... I don't see many monster SC's as often as turbos...
  12. I hate to be the nay-sayer... but I could have built a better drag car...well, let me rephrase that...would have built a drag car out of a better car... It would be a different story, had that rig run up to a stop light without choking out, as well as be legal... the rediculously large turbo is impressive though.... from what little I know...larger displacment need smaller turbos... less cubes...require larger turbos...less cubes and more cylinders require smaller turbos...and just better suit a car that was born to be a street car... IMO...the motor is impressive...the car of choice isn't...
  13. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=lGjCtRdtdeI
  14. Try to search around Avic411.com a bit... tons of gurus with alot of good info... One of the first hits I got: http://www.avic411.com/forum/viewtopic.php...ht=p4000+bypass
  15. Those 12cyl were very problematic... we had an older 7 series that would come in right about every 6 months, with the same issue, if not crank at all... we pulled our hair out with it, contacted BMWNA about, and never came up with a fix...it would just drop compression for no explainable reason... our only fix was that we would poor a small amount of ATF in each cylinder...push it over to the parking lot across the street, and fire it up and let it burn the ATF out for a half hour or so... Anyways...that's a fine rig...
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