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  1. Saw a black '05? in my rear view mirror on Monday and for a split second thought "what the heck is my truck doing behind me??" From the front the trucks are dead ringers, down to the billet SS emblem. Your truck has 22"s and mine has a canopy, so I quickly figured it out. I was in the white '14 Hennessey Stingray. Gave you a thumbs up as you passed, not sure if you saw me..
  2. I had the relocation kit put on as well, there was a GM bulletin about it apparently? The guy at the shop told me the stock location is no good because it get clogged with dust from the wheel wells. Sorry if I'm repeating something already said... It's worked out well for me though, no more check engine light, and not expensive.
  3. Hi, I'm about to order the ASB2599R Calmax Anti Sway-Bar from DJM, but they couldn't tell me whether it'll work with an existing Magnaflow dual exhaust. Anybody have experience with these together? Are there any reservations I should have about the DJM otherwise? I already have the polyurethane bushings on the front sway bar links. The reason I'm adding the rear swaybar is I'm just trying to deal with understeer. I've read different accounts of how to set it all up. Think this'll work out? thanks.
  4. Cool! I never realized bluetooth could be used that way. Ingenious. Sorry for the late reply was waiting on the verdict. Turned out to be an evap solenoid (?) located in the rear wheel well. Apparently there's a GM bulletin out there somewhere about it, can't find it right now. There's a kit that moves it to the front of the truck. Truck's getting some ping on this 91 octane in AZ, hoping to figure that out and maybe get a little more insight into the vehicle. I'll check out EFIlive & Torque! Thanks!!
  5. I've just flunked the Arizona smog test twice in a row, the first time for a faulty fuel cap (do NOT buy fuel caps from Amazon), and the second time for a "not ready" status in the computer. I'd disconnected the battery to clear the check engine light - should have just let it clear itself. Anyway that resets the computer and you have to go through a series of idiotic maneuvers to get the computer to finally be ready, and there's really no way of knowing whether it worked. The kicker is, if you show up a 2nd time and any test is still "not ready", Arizona blocks you from coming back until a me
  6. Ok world's most boring video, Edelbrock E-Force, initial dyno run. #FTW ;)
  7. I posted a video in the blower section! Granted it was the world's most boring vid, just the dyno run. Will repost here, when I get on a land line. Man, totally different truck. Could use more top end but the low end torque is like crack. I look for excuses to drive now. Another bad thing is my right foot gained 20 lbs
  8. For me, it's suddenly realizing the guy in the little car behind me was trying to race. You almost feel sorry for them sometimes. :-)
  9. Yeah might have to retro-fit some kind of cooling .. kinda lame to put cheap covers on nice leather seats
  10. I have a general question, does anybody have experience with seat covers for hot weather? I've just moved to Phoenix, and it's only January, and in the middle of the day the leather SS seats have me sweating right thru my shirt! I'm looking at sheepskin, gel, beads, mesh .. no idea what to try first. Also don't want to look like a 70's throwback. I can't even grow a mullet
  11. Cool, thanks! Driving her to Phoenix this week (relocating), should be a fun trip.
  12. Trans is stock, wasn't sure what to do there. PCMForLess did the initial tune in '05. Getting the truck back in a couple days, am actually on vacation w/ family atm.
  13. Also getting Baer brakes, Extreme+ front and Alumasport rear. Never liked the stock brakes.
  14. Just the tune and magnaflow catback, 160 t-stat. Had a CAI but it didn't fit with the Edelbrock.
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