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  1. Glad to see some of us are still around from the glory days. However someone needs to update the fastest trucks list. Mine should've been on there and is still pretty high on the list lol! Young and dumb!
  2. http://Oh yeah doing great. Im just in a new 18 1500 custom now. Next toy is a boat. How many of the guys are still around from 05 and 06 on here?
  3. Not sure if anyone that frequents here anymore would remember me. I just parted with my truck after years of being non operational. My cousin took her off my hands. I just happen to login to try and find my old cam specs.
  4. WORD TO SOME OLD HOMIES!!! Not much payed truck off finally... things been rough trying to get it fixed.... ive crashed 1 car tore transmission out of a ford...no brainer..... and my rearend crossmember needs replaced in my subuaru i got now.... shatty luck with things with wheels not to mention the bad luck on the fourwheeler i been having.... Plans are set for my truck all it is now is funds.... plus thinking of picking up my buddies procharged 97 stang cause hes in europe and wants it to have a good home
  5. Yeah i am a blast from the past been on here since i bought my truck in '05..... Drop is a 2/2 Spindles shackles.... Rims freak you out they are 20's but look like 18's 305 nittos on them.....trucks paid off im not getting rid of it.... gonna put a motor in it finally this summer coming up.... sold the blower and alot of parts im not gonna use... I may keep eyes open for a modded truck my buddy wanting to buy his procharged mustang tho..... hmmmm!
  6. geez brad had to wreck that beautiful truck of yours..... wth.....
  7. u just need a bigger throttle body and i have one for sale
  8. Yep sure is ill send you a pic sometime tomorrow night or sunday morning when i get home.... just go to ky so i gotta get some sleep and take a train back tomorrow
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