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  1. law enforcement dont give a rats rear about finding the scum. wont even fingerprint truck or light bulbs they unscrewed at the house. 2-4k in damage insurance will cover. one tidbit they ripped the xm and onstar antenae off the roof, I rekon to avoid tracking. I might just get an android and hardwire it into thet dash somewhere. next time I will use find my droid and do some target practice...
  2. Good News just came in and before bedtime... Humble P.D. found it with the lojack signal at an Apartment Complex. Officer said just steering column and door lock damaged. I will get it from impound yard tomorow and see what really shakes out. Maybe I will get that thing and many other things plus store it at my shop and drive on holidays. and I am glad i never changed the tune little pricks couldnt drive past 110 lol.
  3. I just wanted to post to vent as I was just violated for leap year by having my SS stolen right out of the driveway. I hope lojack helps the cops bust the guys that got it.. bummer of a day. I have had it since new
  4. I had that problem and had the dealer fix it under warranty. there is post by someone else in the forums about the same issue. Dealer sucked at fixing it though, lots of wind noise afterwards took many return visits to get the dealer to fix it right.
  5. looks like people will start showing up at 12 noon hope to see some of you there
  6. Paint it Black by the stones http://youtube.com/watch?v=7n8mJ3B9-FE&feature=related
  7. almost around the corner. bump time
  8. Well I can't take credit for the detail part as I am the lube manager but I for sure will pass it on to the proper personel. That is one nice looking truck you got btw. looks like she has been keeping it clean for you while you are gone not to worry. cya around the site or elsewhere
  9. seeings how I live and work in the area I might could make that in the evening.
  10. i bought falkens then took them back two weeks later and got eagle ls2 due to lack of wet road traction
  11. congrats keep it up,, I quit smoking feb. 18th of 07 so been a year plus and after twenty years at 2+ packs a day i did it cold turkey with some sugar free gum at the ready. you can do it
  12. Just noticed this today on my 05 ss. Alot of debris and dirt built up in the fender / door jam area behind a "rubber" flap. Thought I would point that out.
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