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  1. Would like one for spare but can't see 250 plus for it. Got one laying around that has perhaps some curb rash or something? I'm in a suburb of Atlanta. If you're not, shoot me a price with me handling the shipping. I may consider a gray stocker. Thanks
  2. Probably a bunch of guys on here who ride street bikes and probably some who ride off road as well.....but, is there another SSS owner out there who rides "Observed Trials"? I've been doing it for perhaps longer than some of you whipper snappers have been breathing. Bought my first Yamaha trials bike in '77
  3. I loved the SSSs from the time I saw the first one but was heartbroken when I learned they were AWD. Then, in '06, I saw they were then making them in 2WD. I couldn't get to the dealership fast enough. I guess it would have been different if I lived where Winter happens often. BTW, 800 pounds over the rear wheels and like new tires allowed me to go just about anywhere I wanted in our last two bouts of Winter weather in the ATL. As long I could get around the idiots who didn't have a clue how to drive in snow and/or ice.
  4. I have seen a couple of sets of the 22" OE Replica wheels sell recently. Is there a problem with them that I haven't heard about? I'm close to pulling the trigger on a set of chrome ones. Trying to sell my 20s on the classified and didn't want to get caught sleeping..Thanks.
  5. I am wanting a set of 22" OE Chrome Replicas. I would prefer to trade my same wheel in 20" without rubber plus some cash. However, if that is not possible, I would sell my OE Chrome 20s with tires (Bridgestone Alenzas) in the OE size. The wheels are from my '06 SSS and are in great shape with only some moderate curb rash on only one of them. The tires have less that 10k on them. I got 40+ from the last set. I would need $1,100 and I will eat the shipping as long as it's in the contiguous 48. I know I just missed a couple of sets of 22s guys have sold, darn it. Is there a problem with the Replicas that I haven't heard about? PM me, Thanks
  6. Guess I'm old school. I think the stocks in chrome cannot be beat..Only other wheel I'd shod my SSS with would be 22" replicas in Chrome. Personally, I just don't understand the current fad of going to all black wheels. I have yet to see any that look good to me.
  7. Guys, clear this up for me. It's always been my understanding that the SSs were only made between '03 and '06. I even saw productions numbers somewhere once that only listed those years. Lately though I've seen an ad or two for '07s. Also, they were AWD only until late in the '05 model year then they were RWD only, right? Thanks
  8. Mine has done this a few times but it goes away then returns maybe a week later. It's not the sensor because of the lifter noise. I'm surmising the pump is good because the issue is sporadic. I'm guessing it has sludge or something in the pan that gets into something and restricts flow. Going to have pan dropped tomorrow and cleaned well. Will also have them check everything they can but I feel confidant that is the problem. BTW, my '06 has 176,000 miles on it and this is the first issue since new. I did have to replace the ball joints once.
  9. Since you asked: Doesn't do a thing for me. Seems as though something was started and not finished.
  10. I'm so envious..........With that I could scare the hell out of 4 passenger at once.
  11. I put about 30-35k miles a year on my Honda Goldwing. It has 207k miles on it and rides and runs like a new one. Aftermarket suspension makes it handle more like a sport/tourer in the mountains where I do most of my riding. Occasionall do long distance rides and am a member of the Iron Butt Association. Longest day in the saddle was 1580 miles in a little over 23 hours. Only other sanctioned ride I want to do is the 50CC which is Jacksonville, Fla. to San diego, Ca. in less than 50 hours. But, alas, I may be getting too old. I'm almost 64....... BTW, my Black 06 SSS has 125k on it. My bride calls me "Gas Ass".
  12. Like the car and the wheels, but the first thing I'd do is lose the lettering all over it.
  13. May I suggest a hidden switch that disables the ignition system? Something like a battery disconnect or ? I take the fuse out of my ignition switch when I'm not comfortable with the area.
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