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  1. Thanks guys. I thought the same thing about the alternator. It was Chase04 old stuff for an 03-04 SS I bought in 09 I think. Everything bolted up perfectly. The LSXR manifold has a vacuum nipple out the front left side that interferes w the fairing on the back of the alternator. I think I have a upgraded alternator. Will check. Once I figure out the photo issue I'll post some up.
  2. yes. It's a 145 amp alternator. I think the SC bracket brought the alternator closer to the manifold. But didn't interfere with the OEM truck intake manifold.
  3. Okay all, I've researched this topic til I was blue in the face. For the life of me I cannot find anything on anyone trying to put a Fast LSXR car manifold on and LQ9 with Vortech V1 SC. I got a great deal on letgo but got screwed because it came without hardware and required replacement seals etc. Fitment was a bitch to be sure. Vortech SC mount needed grinding to clear manifold to seal correctly to block/heads. Bought LS1 GTO waterpump and spacers to fix truck accessory alignment and water pipe orientation. No problem there. The issue is the alternator sits way to close and will never clear the manifold. Considering a Dirty Dingo alternator relocation bracket w tensioner to the passenger side. Before I buy this $229 bracket set I wanted to ask the crowd of experts. Has anyone done this setup and if so how did you adapt?
  4. Hello All, haven't been on here in ages. Just to do research for the truck etc. Truck just went over 100k last weekend. About 45K on the SC, 408. I wished it was always running well though. Sometimes its just a PITA. Never was able to get it tuned fully. Goes Lean BAD at WOT. Dies at 85 mph (2600 rpm) on the toll road so I'm thinking its another fuel pump issue. This time I am changing out the whole module and not just the 340lph pump.
  5. Do you still have pump? I keep going through pumps. I first had a Walbro 255 lph, then upgraded to a 290 lph and after about two years it failed. Now looking at the 340. I have a Vortech V1 and 60 lb injectors on a 408.
  6. Finally gotr engine yanked out for a 408 upgrade

    1. tonycillo


      get that engine bay cleaned up! cant get any easier than now

  7. [Thanks to all for the advice. I have done quite a bit of study and realize this happens more on smaller imports than bigger trucks. You all at least gave me the background to make a more sound decision for the mechanic. The Damper was not pinned but will be in the future and the snout was worn completely smooth. If I change out the crank I will probably go for new pistons, rods, cam, etc. Might have to wait on headers because this work looks like it will set me back a few thousand. Unfortunately I cannot find a low mileage 6.0 in central Texas I will keep looking. Thank you all. Oh and from a Veteran have a great Memorial Day.
  8. I haven't been on the threads lately since I bought a 2002 Torch Red Z06 from Lethal up in DFW. Dealing with minor corvette issues as well, at least it work and is a beast! Anyway, the truck has been running really well but was having a hell of a time with a squeaking belt. Nearly continuous. Checked pulley alignment, etc. A few weeks back I was seeing a film of unknown crap coating the inside of my engine compartment. Did not think anything of it as long as it wasn't the supercharger head unit. Today as I was thinking about our trip this weekend to San Antonio, Texas (about 180 miles south of here) I heard a god awful vibration and immediately lost steering and AC. Come to think of it I was having speedometer issues about the last week as well. Very sporadic fluctuations in speed. Pulled over and opened the hood and the AC belts had come off. It had never seen this before so I was like WTFO? I was only a few miles from home so I started it back up with the sole intent to get it home. It started to vibrate and on a hunch opened the hood and the ATI Super Street Damper was wobbling horribly. Had it towed to a performance shop (that actually works on Vettes, BMWs, and Mercedes-but they did not hold it against me). The mechanic nearly hand screwed off the damper. I thought well at least I found it in the nick of time and then Mechanic broke my heart right before a long weekend and said the Damper ruined the end of the crankshaft something about the keyway being grinded away. Hence all the crap in the engine compartment. So the Damper is dead as is the crankshaft. At least this mechanics has some of the lowest labor rates in town and only works on nice cars. So a few questions for your guys. 1) Should the Damper have ever come loose? Unsure how I will approach Sunshine Performance here in Killeen, TX if they f'ed it up. 2) Mechanic mentioned it would be less expensive to find a used small block with lower miles then to put a brand new crankshaft on an SCd engine with 64k miles on it. I have found many used 6.0 around here with unknown mileage for around 250-475. However, it's hard for me to trust an engine I have never seen before. I do trust this one, although I have screwed her up for time to time. 3) Since crankshafts are not to expensive and the engine has to come out anyway, would now be the time to throw a performance crankshaft, cam, heads, and headers on it? Even though it has 64k on her? I have thanked many on here in the past for their awesome advice and now is no different. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Lose Damper just ruined my Crankshaft. F%#$&ked

  10. Might not be an official SS Chrome center cap. I have heard on these forums there as high as $100-$170 each. Maybe I heard wrong...
  11. Thanks Johnny. I really love the Z06 you took excellent care of it. Now if only my hearing would come back! LOL. See you around the forums!
  12. Loving my Z06 I bought from Lethal. It is a beast!

    1. T-Bag


      damn, lucky! what year? I'd be too, congrats

    2. RembaSS 1SG

      RembaSS 1SG

      2002 torch red.

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