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  1. Well not any better and finally went for a drive in the SS (which is willed to her if I die) and I was actually enjoying exceeding the speed limit. THEN the stock stereo just stopped playing. The clock works and you can load and remove CD's but no sound and no display lights. When I shut the truck off all the buttons and knobs stay lite. As for the Fiance. I am probably stupid but shes the only girl I ever worried about. Im old but lived alone my whole life. I knew her for two years before I even talked to her. We were planning our future and one day she just said I was too Serious. Keep in mind she loved asking me to marry her after I proposed. Shes a 10 and I am a 4 at best so she must have done the math. After she left I tried to get into better shape. I was cycling 15 miles a day before 8am and seriously dieting. I lost 74 pounds and was doing better. But I was fasting a bit. Well my gallbladder ruptured. Apparently if you fast you will get gallstones. Typical stone is the size of a grain of rice....I had one nearly the size of a golf ball. So my Gallbladder basically exploded and took out my liver. After loosing the career I have no insurance. So its not getting any better for me. Made a WILL and planned for the worst just in case. This all happened between mother's day and July 1st. I know you are all trying to help but there is not much anyone, Including myself can do. UPDATE: pulled the fuse and it was fine. put it back in and the stereo was back to normal. very odd!! I did run thru the car wash could be a moisture issue. PS living in the very rural area is great for the SS. I was getting 16.4 mph driving rather briskly (80's) on winding roads in the Adirondack park. I did smile for a moment however so brief.
  2. It may sound lame but some days I really struggle. This economy was really kicking my ass but when the Fiance told me she had been lying for a few months and was unfaithful I really took it hard. Have not even been outside in a while. I really really dont know what to do. I dont want to hear the More Fish in the Sea BS, or the She will get bad Karma, ...ETC talk! I know somehow it was my fault. Just not sure how? I treated her like a princess and she IS the love of my life. Its been 4 months and I cant cope. Lost the house, Lost the Career, Lost "The One" Lost it all!
  3. pm sent. with this adaptor fit up to the stock car intake along with the FAST?
  4. where in New York are you located?
  5. What price range are you looking to sell your SS rims for? I dont mind the Torque rims but they are not my favorite either. I agree they look older on your truck but sometimes the older look is more classic.
  6. Went more traditional VS items, Tiffany ring and a box of her favorite candy and chocolate. I must be in love even pick out the color skittles and M&M's she likes best, and her favorite color gummies.
  7. Looks like a gaylord tonneu cover with the speedster wing. http://www.gaylordslids.com/
  8. Welcome Ryan, I do have a problem tho! Troy is not what I call Northern NY. I live north of Lake Placid. Takes two to four minutes to get to Canada depending on if you meet a Farmer on a tractor. Hope you enjoy your truck, be sure to get a tune. And I would also look into splash guards (color matched of course) Barney
  9. congrats....Guess I dont post much!
  10. I like the sounds of Cheap. What are you looking to make on this, and can you use it and keep the tailgate spoiler on the truck? Thanks in advance, Barney
  11. If Money is not a problem check out the Belanger tri y Headers. I have been slowly saving for them. I hope they still make them for the truck. Have not looked at their site i a while. http://www.belangerheaders.com/
  12. I have seriously been considering this too. I was planning on putting woman's nylons over the light and then painting them arrival blue on a very low pressure. I figure the mix of red and blue would keep the Troopers happy in NY. But I did get stopped for a clear license plate cover before??
  13. Interesting and how much are you asking for this??
  14. This is the seat bottom only #19127431 Driver side seat cushion cover; pewter I contacted GM Parts Direct. you can also search ebay.
  15. I am liking the studded 20'' tires. What brand and size did you go with? I am only 4 miles from Canada and have a set of rims I should use for the winter. Thanks in advance.
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