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  1. The Range Rover is total shit. I drove one for two weeks and hated it, way over rated. I would honestly look at the new Sierra Denali, It's a bad ass truck they are doing 0% on it for 72 months. I mean its fully loaded also and you can't go wrong with it. I'm actually thinking about buying it also. But I did sell my SS 4 years ago and have been wanting to get back into something similar.
  2. Ok I have been to several ones in Las Vegas and Mexico. But my favorite one by far was in Motreal, Canada. We used these guys http://www.montrealvip.com/ and they took care of us 100%, I mean VIP in all the clubs, strip clubs, 18 holes of golf, go carting for 2 hours, reservations at all the top restaurants. The best part about it is you get to choose your budget and they take care of you 100% I would highly recommend this if you want to go over the top and be taken care of everywhere you go.
  3. I have a used Banks Six Gun system with the Power PDA. This is a complete kit that I pulled off the truck. I had it for several months and I no longer need it since I got rid of the truck. If you guys are interested PM me for more details. This is the complete kit, comes with everything you need to make it work. It also comes with extra gauges. I would like to get $600 for it, but I am flexible. Thanks for looking.
  4. Ill see if I can dig up where I found that info. But I remember reading about this SUV in a magazine. I will see if I can find the issue at home. All I know is this thing is extremely rare, and the right collector will pay top dollar for this SUV. The last one I saw that sold was a black GMC with about the same amount of miles and it went for about 30K several years ago. I have a friend who deals with specialty cars like this if you want PM me the VIN and I will see if I can have him get some more info for you.
  5. Wow! I can't belive I'm seeing one of these come up in such great shape. I know that lingenfelter only came out with 7 of these in Chevy trim and 5 in GMC trim. I know it has a 605BBC motor in it that was rated at about 650hp and 750tq. In that condition it's probably worth close to $35,000. That is one crazy find.
  6. Sure you can. My lq9 based 408 in my 2000 TA with an s91 turbo is prob. pushing 1100hp with e85 and no meth yet. lq9 blocks are very strong.
  7. National Speed can build some amazing stuff. So the price tag does not seem un-realistic to me. http://www.ls1tech.com/forums/forced-induction/1283472-national-speed-2001-pontiac-trans-am-built-lq9-gt4788-1-200whp.html
  8. These are still around and I am willing to make an awesome deal for someone if they are serious about buying them.
  9. My next DD. What you guys think? http://www.chitownracing.com/forums/showthread.php?t=166965
  10. GM Steering Wheel Control Interface and GM Onstar Radio Intergradition Module I took these out of my 08 Tahoe and I have no use for them. I paid about $200 for both of them, and they are only a few months old. I would like to get about $100 for them both. Please let me know if you have any questions. Here is the link to the actual thread with pictures, but these parts are mine and are on my caraudio.com thread. http://www.caraudio.com/forum/car-audio-classifieds/474726-gm-steering-wheel-control-interface-gm-onstar-radio-intergradition-module.html#post7097134
  11. Yeah its pretty crazy. In the city of Chicago, (I live bout 15 min. away) it's 100% illegal to buy or sell spray paint. They don't even carry it, you actually need to go outside of the city to buy it.
  12. Yeah thats crazy. I was part of team Aztec Motorsports we had the ss3-4 car there along wiht a street C, B, A car there. Yeah the Jugs used the older F motors, but other than that the sub was pretty much the same. But thanks for the free bump old dragger.
  13. Wow! What class and what team? I stopped competition in late 2004. I was competing since 1999-2000 also.
  14. I'm selling these for a friend of mine. These are in almost new condition and here is the original posting from caraudio.com http://caraudio.com/forum/car-audio-classifieds/472372-fs-two-digital-designs-9515gs-8-carbon-fiber-dust-caps-three-weeks-old.html If you have any questions feel free to contact me on here and I can tell you all about them. Here is a little description along with a few photos. These subs retail at about $800 each plus shipping!!! Three weeks old like new!!!! Selling Two 9515g with 8" carbon fiber dust cap and low impedance dual 1ohms coils. 8" carbon fiber dust cap and low impedance coils are $85 option on each sub. 1500w rms each sub $700 EACH OBO PLUS SHIPPING AND PPL FEES
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